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“Megan is a reliable hypnotherapist who has in depth experience in hypnosis and evidence of previous client’s success. She is a professional that you can feel comfortable with. I refer my patients to her and they are all very satisfied with her service and results. As a matter of fact, I trust Megan enough to let her practice her hypnotherapy in my clinic.” Dr. DC, Medical Care Plus, Norfolk VA.

“Based on her success record and professionalism I recommend Miss Megan to my patients if they want to quit smoking, lose weight etc… You should experience her kind, compassionate, and caring service yourself.” Dr. Richmond, DDS, Shore Drive Dental Group, Virginia Beach VA.

Depression/Survivor’s guilt/Grief/Weight loss/Memory improvement by Daisy G, from Hampton

Hi Megan, I am so glad we were brought together. You are the best. Thank you for helping me, making me smile again and being so understanding and compassionate. Thank you for taking me on, along with all my issues. I am so glad that I found you and that you did not give up on me.

Thanks to you I started to date again 3 years after my husband’s tragic death. I also enrolled in college, getting 100 on all my tests and I have lost 27 lbs so far. I could not have done all that without you. I feel empowered. I feel great for the first time in 3 years. I am so excited that things are falling into place. You really are the best.

Depression by Mary T, from Norfolk, Virginia

Hi Megan, things definitely turned around big time. No more tears and I feel like I am on top of the mountain. Hypnosis is a wonderful thing and so are you! Thank you for helping me climb that mountain : -)

Alcohol Abuse by Roger G, from Norfolk, Virginia

I have been a heavy drinker for most of my adult life. I found every excuse to drink. When I was sad I drank, when I was happy I drank, when I was bored I drank. When I was at work I couldn’t wait to get home so I could drink. Of course like most alcoholics I kept denying being one. I became a hermit after I lost all my friends due to my heavy drinking. No girls would date a drunk like me either. Then I finally decided to get help.

First I tried psychosocial therapy such as “Cognitive behavioral therapy,” “12-step facilitation,” and “Motivational enhancement therapy.” NONE of them worked!

Then I tried drugs to cure my alcoholism. My doctor prescribed “Antabuse drug,” “Naltrexone,” and “Campra” (not at the same time of course) and NONE of them worked either. I was so frustrated.

When my doctor and psychiatrist gave up on me, I started to get scared that I would never be cured.

Then my business partner suggested that I should try hypnotherapy. My respond was “I am too smart to go to a hypnotherapist.” His respond was “You are too smart to be an alcoholic.” That hit me hard. He also said that one his friends that is a dentist quit smoking after having a hypnotherapy session with Megan. So I contacted her thinking I have nothing to lose and not to mention I already exhausted all other options.

I have been alcohol free for the last 6 months. That lady told me that she doesn’t have a magic wand but I think she does, seriously. I just can not thank her enough. She pretty much saved my life. Needless to say, I highly recommend Megan if you’d like to get your life back. If you are smart and want a happier life call Megan now.

Alcohol Abuse by Scott W from Hampton, Virginia

Your profession? Attorney
How long have you been an alcohol abuser? 30+ years
How much and how often did you drink alcohol? Almost every day 6+ drinks a day
What have you tried to stop? Tried cold turkey several times; did the Moderation Management online; Nalproxone
Would you recommend Megan and why? I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend Megan because her treatment works! I cut back on drinking to a mere fraction of what I consumed before. I am in control and not alcohol. Very simply—it works!

Weight Loss by Tina  T, from Suffolk, Virginia

I have hit my 20 lbs milestone today!!!  I’m so excited! This has been the best thing I’ve ever decided to do with my health.  While I know that I still have a lot more to lose, I am confident that I will reach all of my future milestones and goals as well.  Before I came to see Megan, every time I went on a “diet” I could be successful for a while and lose weight. But it was always a struggle.  I would see different foods that I loved and think ” wow, I really want that even though I know I shouldn’t have it” or “well just a little bit won’t hurt”.  But what’s great about this time is that I have ZERO urges or wants for any of those forbidden temptations.  Actually I can’t even call them temptations anymore.   I don’t eat sweets (which was my biggest vice before), I don’t eat fried food, I don’t eat fast food.  I really don’t like them now.  I have tried bites just to see if anything was different and it was!  Some tasted bad, almost like soap to me, and others just didn’t have much of a taste at all.  I go grocery shopping and I am making healthier choices and eating better than I ever have.  What’s funny is that I actually eat more than I ever have just better food. So none of the old “I am so hungry” feelings that are usually associated with dieting.   After my very first visit my eating changed drastically and I lost 4 lbs.  On my second visit I let Megan know that food was no longer my problem but I still didn’t have an urge to exercise so she focused her suggestions around exercise on that visit and I lost another 4 lbs while actually making conscious efforts to increase my activity level and work out 3-4 times a week.   For the first time I don’t look with dread at my end goal.   I am excited to see when and where I’ll be when I reach the next milestones because I can SEE it.  I know it will happen!  Thanks Megan!

Stop Smoking by Claire D from Virginia Beach

Your profession? RN
How long have you Smoked? On and off for 15years
How many or how much did you smoke? 1/2 – 1 Pack of cigarettes a day
How did this bad habit affect your life?Smelly, bad breath, short of breath, aging skin
What have you tried to stop? Hypnosis
Would you recommend Megan and why?I would recommend Megan. I have tried other hypnotherapists and they worked but, I always started again. With Megan I have been smoke free for almost 3 months now, longer than any of the times prior. She cares about you, and checks on your progress. She’s gentle and sweet and loving.

Stop Smoking/Weight Loss/Depression/self esteem/confidence by Cindy L from Richmond

Occupation/Title – Self Employed Home Care Organization/Healthcare
What was your problem? Quitting smoking, weight loss and self-help regarding confidence, self-esteem, coping skills, etc.
How long have smoked? 18 years (I am only 32)
How many cigarettes did you smoke a day? 1 pack minimum
How did smoking affect your life? Smoking completely controlled everything that I did on a daily basis, from what time I got up in the morning to when I went to bed. Smoking controlled my time management, my actions and behaviors, my money, my health, my relationships, my religion and spirituality, literally every aspect of my existence revolved around my addiction to smoking tobacco. I always chose smoking tobacco first and above all.

What have you tried to quit smoking? Chantix, nicotine gum, and cold turkey. Nothing ever worked for a long period of time and I never had the feeling that I did not want my cigarettes back.

Would you recommend Megan and why? I would recommend Megan. There are many reasons that I would recommend Megan. She saved my life. Megan helped take away the anxiety, depression, and love that I had for smoking cigarettes and replaced those things with the ability to find joy in my life as it is without smoking. That is one of the biggest differences I needed. Before when I tried to quit, I was very sad and dwelled on the negative feelings of not being able to smoke so nothing would be fun anymore, nothing would be happy or as exciting and good as it was when I smoked. She took that away, and now I want to experience everything over again in my life as a nonsmoker and I am happy. I am proud. I am a different, better person. I never thought I would be able to say I am a non smoker, let alone I am a non smoker and I am happier than I ever was as a smoker. I didn’t have regrets before I began therapy with Megan. The only regret I now have in my whole life is that I wasted 18 years of my life smoking. With Megan’s help I am not dwelling on that regret though. In addition to the therapy for not smoking, Megan helped me with weight loss. I am not a large person by any means. However I have slowly lost my 20’s figure and grown into a 15 pound heavier 30’s figure, doesn’t mean this is how life has to be. Megan helped me with my eating, drinking and exercise habits, including self-esteem boosting, help with ignoring some annoying negative people in my life and forgiveness. I can go on and on about how wonderful the hypnotherapy has been for me. Some other things that naturally occurred because of all the changes are, I have more time to spend with my daughter and am taking better care of her and our little dogs Molly and Sophie. I have been keeping up with a clean and well organized household (Not usually me, I have been sorta messy as an adult until now,) Even my office desk is more organized, I can think more clearly, and I have not been as reactive as I used to be. Instead I am learning how to be present and slowly deal with situations as they occur, instead of reacting and being the crazy person. My success with hypnotherapy has also inspired my Brother In-law and my sister, both heavy long term smokers like I was, to quit with hypnotherapy as well. They both went to see Megan and are non smokers now too! Another reason I would recommend Megan is because she is a caring and genuine person. She followed up with me regularly to see how I was doing. She was extremely flexible with my schedule too. She makes sure you feel comfortable from start to finish all the while performing her job. She is great! I cannot say enough positive things about her and hypnotherapy. Especially since I was definitely not wanting to let my cigarettes go, when I messed up she didn’t scold me, she encouraged me and got me right back in, and I was skeptical going in.

Anxiety / Confidence by Wanda, from Hampton, Virginia

Occupation/Title – Small Business Owner
What was your problem (s)? self-confidence and anxiety
How long have you had this problem? Very long time, maybe since teenager years.
How did problem affect your life? I hesitated to talk to people and make friends. If affected my business because I have to approach people and talk to them to become partners or clients.
What have you tried to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Self-talk, tied to force myself to talking to people.
How did your life change after your sessions with Megan? Megan helped me become confident of who I am and helped me realize I am a worthy person and people want to talk to me. I know it was all in my head that people wouldn’t want to converse with me. I have not taken any anxiety or sleep medications in about a month. I sleep really well and wake up refreshed. I barely even hesitate to talk to people but when I do I just remember that I am worthy and people like to talk.
Would you recommend Megan and why? I would recommend Megan 100 percent. She is a kind and loving person. She cares for her clients. She is prompt and on time for all appointments as well as flexible. She will not do you wrong.

Stop Smoking by Gary and Brenda, from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Hi Megan,
Yes, we are still non-smokers…yay!
Gary smoked about 2.5 packs a day, and I smoked about a pack a day on average. It was expensive, inconvenient, made us smell bad, and I constantly feared the illnesses that it could cause us.
We both smoked for approximately 40 years each, and have tried mass hypnosis and patches.
We would definitely recommend you to anyone we know who wants to quit smoking.
Thank you for your help. We are more committed than ever to never smoke again.
Stop Smoking by Ramona, from Virginia Beach, Virginia
How long have you Smoked? 42 years
How many or how much did you smoke a day? 1 pack per day
How did this bad habit affect your life? It made me feel bad mentally & physically !
What have you tried to stop? Cold turkey, drugs
Would you recommend Megan and why? Megan was wonderful!! I had a backset one time & she got me right back on track over the phone!! 8 months & so glad I went to see Megan!!
Stop Smoking by Randy L, from Newport News, Virginia

Your profession? I am an outside sales representative for a paint manufacturer.

How long have you Smoked? I have been a smoker, on and off, more on for about 35 years.

How many or how much did you smoke? I was at the point where I was smoking at least a pack a day

How did this bad habit affect your life? I have never really seen or pictured myself to be a smoker. I work out at least five days a week and eat really well. Just a bad habit I picked up back in the early 80’s. I have always know the negative effects the smoking has on my health and yet my additive behavior would always rule.

What have you tried to stop? I have stopped and started back up many times over the last 35 years. I do really well the first few months and then normally have a break down once I feel I have control to think I can just have a few. Does not work for me.

Would you recommend Megan and why? I would recommend Megan because I left her have a completing different feeling/sense about why I should put the cigarettes away. She put me mentally in a state to where I saw first-hand how selfish I have been, to myself, my wife and my children. I have always had the desire to quit but never really mentally explored the reasons to do it. Megan gave me the ability to explore the first hand were I envisioned in my mind the hurt that I would bring to so many from the negative effects of smoking. I am now three weeks in and feeling great. I am thankful that I made the stop to see Megan!

Stop Smoking by Mike A, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Your profession? Real Estate
How long have you Smoked? 30 years
How many or how much did you smoke? 2 packs a day
How did this bad habit affect your life? Being in the real estate business it was pretty embarrassing.
What have you tried to stop
? Patches
Would you recommend Megan and why? She is very good and that’s a good enough reason for me to recommend her.

Stop Smoking by Sandy B, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Megan was such a lifesaver. I have tried it all to quit before. Nothing kept me from going and buying a pack until this. I haven’t once slipped up or even wanted to and it has been two months. I can’t thank Megan enough for literally saving my life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MEGAN!

Stop Smoking by Pete R, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have been a Route Sales/Delivery Professional for over 25 years and smoked a pack a day for over 30 years. I could quit for a month or so but would always go back. I found out about Megan through a friend and decided it was time for outside help. If you are ready to quit, Megan can help. The cravings went away quick and I am finally smoke free. Thank you Megan, you are awesome!

Stop Smoking by John N, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Your profession? Teacher
How long have you Smoked? 15years
How many or how much did you smoke? 1 pack a day
How did this bad habit affect your life? Coughing constantly in the classroom was very bad.
What have you tried to stop
? Cold turkey
Would you recommend Megan and why? Absolutely. I quit after just one session.

Weight Loss by Sharon G, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Megan, I hope you know that I think of you as one of God’s angels on earth to watch over and support me. I am so glad I found you. Whenever I see your beautiful comments on Facebook, and see your smile, I can’t help but smile. You are a positive energy for me.

Alcohol Abuse by Ella T, from Hampton, Virginia

Your profession? Retired
How long have you abused alcohol? 8 years
How often did you drink alcohol? daily
How did this bad habit affect your life? Family distant themselves, depression, and loss of income
What have you tried to stop? I have been to rehab twice, tried on my own but to no avail.
Would you recommend Megan and why? Megan is kind and very concerned for my success. I was shocked when I went two weeks without picking up a drink after all those years. Even now I feel more motivated to stay sober and do what is right to save my life and to have a healthy relationship with my son and husband.

Drug Abuse by Leslie A, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I started to use drugs, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes when I was 12 years old. I got myself into many problems when I was high but my rich dad always rescued me.

When I was 13 years old, drug addiction treatment started. Let me tell you what I have tried.

First an inpatient detoxification, a process by which the body clears itself of drugs along with medication that’s administered by a doctor. And after that a long-term residential treatment for 11 months. It was 24 hours a day care. Then I checked into a 6 week short-term residential program which is a hospital-based inpatient treatment. Then of course AA…

Nothing was working and the years passed… My parents were so frustrated that they didn’t know what else to do. They pretty much gave up on me. They figured that I was going to use drugs no matter what, so they wanted me out of their sight and sent me away to the Caribbean Islands which gave me more freedom to do drugs.

One night I went out with my friends and used drugs. As I was driving with three of my friends in my car, I drove off a cliff. I have no idea how we survived that fall but none of us were seriously injured. That was my wake up call.

So I came back back to Virginia and contacted Megan. That was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have been drug free for 4 years now and graduated from college. A very happy ending thanks to Megan. She is very good at what she does, very professional and very caring.

Stop Smoking by Tracy M, from Hampton, Virginia

Your profession? Retired teacher
How long have you Smoked? 40 years
How many or how much did you smoke? 2 packs a day
How did this bad habit affect your life? It was difficult to climb up to stairs and I was always coughing.
What have you tried to stop
? Patches
Would you recommend Megan and why? A friend of mine told me about Megan and now I am telling my friends about her.

Stop Smoking by Anna A, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Your profession? Engineer
How long have you Smoked? 17 years
How many or how much did you smoke? 1- 2 packs a day
How did this bad habit affect your life? I got tried of taking cigarette breaks.
What have you tried to stop
? Patches and cold turkey
Would you recommend Megan and why? Yes, definitely. She is great. My husband and I went together and both quit after the first session.

Depression by Mindy M, from Elizabeth City, N.C.

Dear Megan, thank you so much for your inspiring spirit, your smiles and kindness. You are such a positive person, full of life, and your energy is contagious. You are the Sultan of Hearts. You are so wonderful, inspirational and you shine. Just keep your glow on. May you never lose this sweet spirit. Keep shining like the star that you truly are. I thank you for being in my life and to have helped me to be where I am today. Because of you I am walking on air now. This world needs more people like you Megan.

Weight Loss by James L, US Army Major from Chicago

Hi Megan, I am doing well with your suggestions. Appetite is much more manageable, drinking a ton of water, and work out instincts are sharpened. As a whole family we eat vegetable rich and less fatty meals now. Thankfully, the technique you taught me for self-hypnosis has served me well in several situations — some involving eating but others have helped me show more patience at work and at home. All in all, have done well with drinking lots of water. I hear the way you poured it, and am ready for a tall glass of cool, clean water. I can’t thank you enough for helping me accept the need to drink lots of water, exercise regularly and move forward in my life with much more confidence in how I look and feel as I move! Thank you for you help! I am down 17 pounds …  Your lifelong fan, James L, US Army Major from Chicago

Grief/Depression/Survivor’s guilt/Drinking/Smoking by Natalie L from Virginia Beach

First name –
Natalie L
What was your problem? – Grief/depression/survival’s guilt/drinking/smoking
How long have you had these problems? Almost two years
How did problem affect your life? My mother and I were very close. She and my son were my main purpose in life. She became quickly ill and I watched her pass away almost two years ago. I went through dramatic/abusive divorce and lost custody of my child all at the same time. I felt that my life came to a stop. I was not interested in anything anymore. I was feeling guilty for all that I have done wrong. I felt sorry for myself and I was crying every day for almost two years. I was passing on my negativity and sorrow onto people around me (friends, coworkers). I started alienating myself from everyone and I did not like people anymore. They were happy and I was not. The memories of abusive childhood that I thought were forgotten started taking over me. I was always tired. I did not want to do anything with my child. We started becoming distant. I did not know how to handle pain and sorrow. I felt hopeless. I felt suicidal. I lost sleep and I had nightmares. I did not want to wake up in the morning. I started drinking and smoking heavily to deal with the problem somehow. I gained 35 lbs. I became jumpy, disoriented, and indecisive. I could not remember things and could not concentrate on tasks. It affected my work. Some days I would find paperwork in a refrigerator and I could not remember how it happened. I realized I needed help and I could not deal with this on my own.

What have you done to fix this problem? I tried to distract myself by working out but I started feeling more and more tired and couldn’t go on with exercises. I got help from grief counselor, church, and health care providers. Talking to other people helped alleviate some pain but it did not fix the problem. I tried to quit everything myself several times and tried to stay positive but the second a little stress would hit me I would go back to old destructive habits. I was hopeless that anything would work and my life would be normal ever again.

How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? My meeting with Megan was not intended to fix these problems. I came to her desperate to find lost/stolen jewelry box. She offered to help with other problems. I quit smoking after the first session. After a grief session, every time I thought about my mother I remembered only good things from the past. I love my mother very much and I miss her every day. With Megan’s help I was able to let go but not forget. Such weight was lifted off my chest. Megan helped me let go of the past and stop feeling guilty. I was able to forgive everyone who has ever done wrong. I started smiling and being friendly with people again. I quit smoking and feel that I never smoked before. I quit drinking and I have no desire to even try now. My life style is very healthy now. I feel happy as I was once when I was young and that negativity in my head dissipated. I work out, spend time enjoying nature, and I’m happy person and I radiate that happiness to everyone around me. I am more energetic. I feel stronger and more confident. I am loving and caring again. My child and I have a great relationship and we are happy together. I made up with my friends and I am an active member of the society again. I came back to life with Megan’s help. I enjoy life now.
How would you describe Megan? A life saver.
Would you recommend Megan? Absolutely! I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to express what a tremendous impact Megan had on my life. She brought me back to life and alleviated so much pain. I never thought it would be possible to enjoy life again until I have had my experience with her.

Do you have anything else to add? If you tried everything like me and nothing worked and you ran out of options please give Megan a try.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks by Sarah L from Virginia Beach, Virginia

First name – Sarah
What was your problem? Anxiety and panic disorder
How long have you had this problem? Since a young child
How did problem affect your life? Its held me back when I am going through an episode
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Medication, talk therapy
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? No more anxiety and panic attacks. I am now able to accept and forgive and live my life happier
How would you describe Megan? passionate, caring, overall wonderful and positive person
Would you recommend Megan? Absolutely
Do you have anything else to add? I am very pleased with what she has done to help me.

Weight Loss by Andrew  T from Williamsburg, Virginia

Occupation/Title – Hospital Administrator

What was your problem? I had tremors in my foot, couldn’t sleep at night and weight loss.

How long have you had this problem? Tremors – 1 year, weight loss – a life long struggle

How did problem affect your life?

The tremors made it difficult to stand, walk, or get/stay asleep. I have always had a weight problem as long as I can remember.

What have you tried to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan?

I have tried every diet known to man. I have lost and gained/regained weight more times than I can remember.

How did your life change after your sessions with Megan?

Megan helped me to see weight loss in a different way and given my tools to work through issues. I lost 16 pounds in 9 weeks. I have been able to maintain the loss and continue to lose weight slowly. I feel so much better after Megan’s sessions. She treated me as a whole person, not just by my symptoms. I have learned relaxation techniques that have helped immensely with my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. The tremors turned out to be a medical condition and are being treated effectively.

Stop Smoking by David from Virginia Beach

I am a sales professional and have smoked for 49 years. I was a one pack a day smoker for this time. The smoking controlled everything I did, always looking for an excuse to leave dinner, conversation, etc just to smoke. I had tried to quite a few times prior but with no success. I am smoke free and honestly don’t even think about it. I would recommend Megan for anyone trying to quit for good.   David

Stop Smoking by Donna W from North Carolina

First name Donna W
Occupation title – Sales
What was your problem – Wanted to quit smoking
How long have you smoked – 25 years
How many did you smoke a day – A pack
How did it affect your life – Was a slave to my habit
What have you done to try and quit – Cold turkey, Medicine, patches, gum etc…..
Would you recommend Megan – Absolutely, had one session and have not has a cigarette since. Cannot stand the smell of them now.   Have not gained any weight which was a concern of mine.

Stop Smoking by Chris A from Richmond VA

First Name – Chris A
Occupation title – Business owner
What was your problem – Wanted to quit smoking
How long have you smoked – 40 years
How many did you smoke a day – 2 packs a day
How did it affect your life – Everything revolved around when I could smoke
What have you done to try and quit – Cold turkey, Medicine, patches, gum etc…..
Would you recommend Megan – Megan did a wonderful job, quit after one session. Not stressed out as with other methods I have tried.

                        Stop Smoking by Karla L from Virginia Beach, Virginia

First name – Karla
Occupation/Title – nurse
What was your problem? smoking
How long have you had this problem? Over 20 years
How did problem affect your life? It controlled it
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Chantix, patches
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? Not smoked since
Why did you choose Megan to help you? Excellent reviews
Would you recommend Megan? yes, of course
Do you have anything else to add? Amazing how well I am doing.

Stop smoking by LoJean from Virginia Beach

First name – LoJean accompanied by my daughter
Occupation/Title – Safety Specialist
What was your problem? Smoking
How long have you had this problem? 40 years
How did problem affect your life? health-wise and financially
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? tried quitting cold turkey and weaning self from cigarettes – unsuccessfully
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? I no longer smoke and since quitting I’ve not experienced morning headaches as in the past and I’m saving money!!!
Why did you choose Megan to help you? a friend at work underwent hypnosis for smoking cessation and I decided to try for myself. I researched on-line and was impressed by the reviews on Megan’s website.
How would you describe Megan? kindhearted, good-natured, funny, comforting and empathetic
Would you recommend Megan? absolutely
Do you have anything else to add? wish I’d sought this type help long ago

                              Stop smokeless tobacco use by Steve T from Virginia Beach

First name – Steve
Occupation/Title – Occupational Therapist
What was your problem? Tobacco use
How long have you had this problem? 20 years
How did problem affect your life? Risk of mouth cancer, money expenditure
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Gum, mints, cold turkey, mint replacement tobacco, self hypnosis, well-butrin
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? Felt immediately better and confident that I would be successful this time.

Why did you choose Megan to help you? Read through several hypnotherapist websites and reviews from clients. Reviewed Megan’s credentials and past work/speaker history.

How would you describe Megan? Confident in her practice and the use of hypnotherapy to address a range of issues and conditions. She is very friendly and expresses a genuine desire to help others.
Would you recommend Megan? Yes and I have, to my neighbor who wants to quit smoking.
Do you have anything else to add? I enjoyed my session and the confidence that I will be finally able to conquer. I would recommend the use of Megan and hypnotherapy as an excellent tool for someone who wants to improve his/her life.

Stop Smoking by Alan H from Virginia Beach

First name – Alan H
Occupation/Title – United States Air Force
What was your problem? Smoking
How long have you had this problem? 13 years
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Cold turkey, patches, and prescription medication
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? After the second session I was smoke free!
Why did you choose Megan to help you? Her reviews seemed like she was the best choice
How would you describe Megan? Very calm, relaxing, and welcoming
Would you recommend Megan? Absolutely…

Stop Smoking by Jen A from Virginia Beach

First name – Jen
Occupation/Title – Financial Advisor
What was your problem? Smoking
How long have you had this problem? 10 years
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Cold turkey, e-cigarettes
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? My life and schedule were no longer dictated by smoking. I hadn’t realized how I determined where I wanted to go based on whether or not I could smoke there.
Why did you choose Megan to help you? High Success rate advertised and good referrals.
How would you describe Megan? Very nice, accommodating and caring.
Would you recommend Megan? YES!
Do you have anything else to add? I really didn’t think hypnotherapy would work. It wasn’t like you see on TV and I was aware of everything going on around me. I thought because I wasn’t in some deep trance that it wouldn’t work. I left her office thinking that it wouldn’t work. I was wrong! I didn’t even crave a cigarette and have been smoke free for one year now!

Stop Smoking by Mark G from Hampton

What was your problem? Smoking habit
How long have smoked? 52 years
How many cigarettes did you smoke a day? 30
What have you tried to quit smoking? Stop buying cigarettes
Would you recommend Megan and why? Yes, because it worked.

Stop Smoking by Erin G from Virginia Beach

First name – Erin G
What was your problem? Smoking cessation
How long have you had this problem? 15 years
How did problem affect your life? My health was negatively affected. It was time, money, and energy sucking. Smoking set a bad example for my children.

What have you done to fix this problem? I had tried to quit smoking cold turkey, with the patch, and with Chantix in the past.
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? With Megan’s help and suggestions under hypnosis, I was able to stop smoking after two sessions with her.
Why did you choose Megan to help you? I liked Megan’s bio page and success rate with helping other in similar circumstances.
How would you describe Megan? Megan is very kind, welcoming, and sincere in her desire to help her patients and it shows.
Would you recommend Megan? Yes, of course, to others looking for help to quit smoking or another issue.

Stop Smoking by Keith J from Norfolk, VA

First name – Keith
Occupation/Title – Counselor/pastor
What was your problem? smoking
How long have you had this problem? 20 plus years
How did problem affect your life? This was affecting my health. This was getting expensive. It was making my car smell bad.
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? My life is improved. I have not had a cigarette since my session several months ago. I have been through many tough times, but still have not smoked.
Why did you choose Megan to help you? She was highly recommended from a friend of a friend.
How would you describe Megan? A life saver!!
Would you recommend Megan? yes
Do you have anything else to add? I may be back for weight loss!

Stop Smoking by Hugh from Virginia Beach, VA

First name – Hugh
Occupation/Title – Military
What was your problem? Smoking
How long have you had this problem? 2 Years
How did problem affect your life? Money, Health
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Tried cold turkey
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? I quit immediately with no cravings or urges.
Why did you choose Megan to help you? Best website.
How would you describe Megan? Very energetic and personable.
Would you recommend Megan? Very much so.

Stop Smoking by Jennifer C from Virginia Beach

First name – Jennifer
What was your problem? Smoking
How long have you had this problem? On and off for 30 years
How did problem affect your life? Cigarettes dictated my schedule and life; health problems would be imminent if I didn’t quit.
What have you done to fix this problem? In the past, cold turkey.
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? I stopped smoking immediately! I know longer have to plan my life around whether I can smoke or not.
Why did you choose Megan to help you? She seemed to have a lot of experience and success.
How would you describe Megan? Very nice, encouraging and professional
Would you recommend Megan? Yes!
Do you have anything else to add? Hypnotherapy was different than I thought it would be. You are not unconscious or unaware of what’s happening to you. I almost wondered if it would be successful having been different from what I imagined. But I am smoke free now and convinced that it worked.

Depression by Ellen B from Virginia Beach, Virginia

First name –  Ellen B
Occupation/Title –  Homemaker
What was your problem?  Family member suffering from severe depression/anxiety
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
How did problem affect your life? Struggle to exist
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Short therapy attempt which we discontinued when medicine was their only remedy
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan?  Noticed a smile and less moodiness immediately, then socializing more, temper control, began eating better, laughing and enjoying life, better focus, and goal setting
How would you describe Megan? Friendly, professional, focuses on personal wellbeing, individualized care, treatment is paced for best results
Would you recommend Megan? Yes, I would recommend this type treatment over others to avoid the long term affects of medication and guinea pig mentality for treatment
Do you have anything else to add? I am so thankful that I found Megan.  She has made a world of difference in our lives.

Depression, confidence, motivation, by Sheryl from Virginia Beach, VA

First name – Sheryl
Occupation/Title – Student
What was your problem? Depression, confidence, motivation
How long have you had this problem? One year
How did problem affect your life? My 19 year old daughter was in an abusive relationship. She was depressed and had no motivation to do anything. She withdrew herself from everybody. It was breaking my heart.

What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? We took her to a therapist but her condition didn’t improve.

How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? After seeing Megan my daughter finally felt strong enough to break up with her abusive boyfriend, got a job and enrolled in college.

Why did you choose Megan to help you? A satisfied friend told us about her.
How would you describe Megan? Definitely a life saver.
Would you recommend Megan? What do you think? Absolutely.
Do you have anything else to add? I recommend Megan to anyone who needs to improve their lives.

Acrophobia by Jim from Virginia Beach, VA

I have acrophobia (fear of heights).  It has been getting worse over time to the point where I have serious problems enjoying one of my favorite hobbies, hiking.  I like adventure parks and zip lining but cannot tolerate being 20 feet or more up in trees.  I went to see Megan hoping that hypnotherapy would help me.  She gave me three sessions and I felt that I might be better, but when I went on my next trip, I still had difficulty approaching drop-offs and cliffs.  I wish I could be free of this affliction but it is still with me.

Depression, guilt, by John L from Virginia Beach, VA

First name – John (11 years old)
Occupation/Title  – Student
What was your problem? Feeling sad and guilty for everything he does, crying for various reasons, and having low self-esteem (possibly due to his parent’s divorce.)

How long have you had this problem? Over a year.
How did problem affect your life? He became emotionally withdrawn from friends and family, low interest in doing activities because he felt worthless.

What have you done to fix this problem? I took my son to counselors and tried to talk but every time he would just get more upset and feel worthless.

How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? He became much happier. Our relationship got better. We can talk freely now and he doesn’t get upset. I don’t see him being sad or crying very often. He tries to make everyone laugh instead. He is much more confident in himself as well.

Why did you choose Megan to help you? Megan previously helped me dealing with grief, quitting smoking and quitting drinking. I chose her because what she did for me was wonderful and I wanted her to help my son as well.

How would you describe Megan? Megan is very caring and she did wonders for me and my son. Since I have met her, my life and my relationship with my son significantly turned around for the better. I’m so glad I took a chance and used Megan for hypnosis.

Would you recommend Megan? Yes, absolutely.

Driving fear by Mervyn T from Hackensack, New Jersey

First name Mervyn
Occupation/Title – US Air Force
What was your problem? I had a deep fear of driving.
How long have you had this problem? I had this problem since I was 18
How did problem affect your life? This problem effected my freedom and the freedom to do what I want.
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? After the hypnosis I really felt like a burden was lifted from me and I no longer had the phobia.

Why did you choose Megan to help you? I chose Megan because of her experience and her reputation.
How would you describe Megan? I would describe Megan as a very open minded and patient person.
Would you recommend Megan? I would definitely recommend Megan. She is definitely worth it.
Do you have anything else to add? Thank you Megan for giving me my freedom back.

Premature ejaculation Mike P from Hampton, VA

First name – Mark P
Occupation/Title – Hvac technician
What was your problem? Premature ejaculation
How long have you had this problem? 4-5 years
How did problem affect your life? Me and wife was starting to have major problems with sex life and emotionally depressing for me.
What have you done to fix this problem prior to seeing Megan? Seen a couple doctors
How did your life change after the hypnosis sessions with Megan? The problem has been decreasing and the sex drive is increasing daily.

Why did you choose Megan to help you? Search around came to her site really liked what i seen How would you describe Megan? professional genuinely concerned with helping to solve problem.
Would you recommend Megan? Yes, absolutely
Do you have anything else to add? I was really hesitant about going, my wife talked me into going I’m happy i did. I really appreciate Megan’s help, she is a marriage saver for me.

Anxiety and Anger, Secondary to Infidelity by Dawn L from Virginia Beach, VA

My world was turned upside down by a woman who came to my home to inform me that she was seeing my husband. The days following this revelation were a whirlwind of emotions. I could not control my anger and the anxiety I felt kept me from sleeping and eating. My doctor prescribed Xanax and I was taking it regularly. My husband and I started marriage counseling but I could not get past the pain of his betrayal and I was consumed with anger and the need to “get even” with the other woman. I was desperate to rid myself of these emotions.

I searched the internet and found Megan’s website on hypnosis. The best thing I ever did was to contact her. When I met with Megan for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable with her and she assured me that she could help me. After the first session, my anger and anxiety were gone and this allowed me to have rational conversations with my husband. I soon realized that I would be able to forgive him and we started the process of moving forward. With Megan’s help, I came to see the other woman as a pathetic creature and someone who did not deserve space in my head. I met with Megan several times and came away feeling stronger each time. My husband met with her and we also did a session together to reinforce our bond. Afterward, we no longer felt the need to see the counselor for “talk therapy” anymore.

It has been five months now and we are doing great. With Megan’s help, we have put this unfortunate mistake behind us. Megan helped us to focus on each other and gave us the tools to find happiness again. To me, she is simply a miracle worker.

Self Esteem, Motivation by Andy C from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you for checking up on me! The interview went well and I got the job! The job is for a small company and so I feel like I’m actually making a difference with my skills. I’m using my days off during the week to get back into my web design and writing, something I neglected over the last 2 years. I can now see how much hurt I was causing myself with having no time to work on things I enjoy. Thank you so much again for your help. I can really see the difference that you made in helping me through this tough time. I don’t feel the nagging insecurity that overwhelmed me in the last few months. Thank you again so much!

Weight Loss by Mary A from Chesapeake, Virginia

Good News; No Fast Food, No Ice Cream, No Chips, No Candy, No Fried Foods, and Only Water. I eat a protein bar for breakfast, and then a salad and soup for dinner with plenty of water. I can’t drink anything but water. I’ve cut out all fattening, greasy foods. The thought of fast food, greasy and fatty foods makes me want to gag & vomit. Ice Cream is no longer a concern; I can’t even go near it. Right now I’m living off water, Ensure Meal Shakes and Protein Bars to get through each day. And use my Tread climber every morning. I’ve been losing about 5 lbs a week.

I know that I came to you for weight loss, but I also feel better emotionally, I’ve been freed from my guilt from my past. Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate all you have done for me.

Phobia by Mary C from Detroit Michigan

I went through hypnotherapy at age 18 to overcome my phobia of the shot of Novocain at the dentist. Ok with the dentist in general and ok with shots anywhere else, but aim that needle at my gums and my brain trips a breaker. I went into hypnotherapy thinking, “What a crock of…”

First thing though that was explained to me is that no one can hypnotize me: Only I can hypnotize myself. That made sense to my rational mind. On my 3rd visit they did a root canal. I woke up amazed that I did so well when they gave me the shot. “I felt the prick, felt everything go numb beyond what I was doing with the hypnosis.” They informed me that they actually never gave me the shot, I did all the numbing myself! They were ready to, but I was doing so well they just looked for reactions to pain. Indeed, I realized there was no numbness when I woke up – proof there had been no Novocain.

I’ve used hypnotherapy on my own since for headaches and other things, including to also get myself over my fear of snakes. I used similar relaxation techniques with the pet snakes in our office. Not only did I get over it, but I fell in love with the snakes. They are now one of my favorite animals. When I’m in the dentist chair, one of my visualizations is that I “hold” an imaginary snake in my hand, ‘feeling’ where it goes, where its head and tail are, wrapping it around my hand. Snakes help calm me for my Novocain shot. They are so hypnotic (no pun intended) and mesmerizing. The dental staff finds it funny that while they’re working on my hand is moving ’round my imaginary pet snake!

I do get Novocain shots now and do quite well with them. How ironic, that I use what was once a near-phobia as a calming factor while I do my hypnotherapy for the other phobia!

Critics will say “Hypnosis is just the placebo effect.” Yes, it is. A very powerful, potent effect and with the right hypnotherapist you learn how to control and use it to your advantage. Awesome, awesome stuff!

Anxiety/Depression by Joe P from Virginia Beach

Megan, you are so wonderful. I thank you for being in my life to have helped me to be where I am today. The treatment is awesome. After 60 years, the burdens of the past and the nagging anxiety associated with it has been lifted. Freedom is now in each foot step and a smile on a face that had forgotten what it felt like. Humor has once again taken over my thoughts and I am driving everyone crazy with the joking and making light of the everyday things that take place at work. People think it is some kind of medication that I take, but assured, there is no medication known to man that will make me feel this good. Thank you Megan for giving me back the freedom of childhood and a life full of wonderful joy.

Grief and Stop Smoking by Christy B from Virginia Beach

Megan, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for what you have done. I have been miserable for over year and a half since my mom passed away. I have been through months of counseling and lots of antidepressants. It wasn’t until I did the grief session with you I was able to let it go and now be able to enjoy life more without feeling deep pain and sorrow. I also have been smoke free for a month and I have no desire to go back. I feel 10 times better than a month ago before I met you. To me it feels like being able to walk again and it feels great! Thank you.

Stop Smoking by Michael W, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I smoked since I was 13 years old. My kids couldn’t stand it and my smoking gave my husband headaches. After trying all the quit smoking methods, finally decided to try hypnotherapy. It was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve been smoke-free for 18 months now. Thank you Megan.

Stop Smoking by Paul T, from Norfolk, Virginia

I suffered chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory problems due to smoking for so long. I have tried e-cigarettes and patches and they never stuck. Not to mention all of them were a hassle to deal with and eventually cost more than they were worth. Hypnotherapy was a last resort and I didn’t believe it would work, but amazingly it did. I am happy to say that I have been smoke free for over a year now. I can not Thank Megan enough.

Stop Smoking by Larry T, from Suffolk, Virginia

Hypnotherapy is the one-stop quit smoking therapy you will ever need. It works. Period. I wish I knew about this before I went through all the other quit smoking junk that’s on the market. Would have saved me a whole lot of time, money, and side effects. I can’t recommend it enough. Just try it. Wouldn’t hurt to try. Your health, wallet, clothes, house and family might thank you for it. Mine did. Being free from nicotine dependency is something I wouldn’t trade for anything else in this world… Just go see Megan.

Stop Smoking by harry G, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have tried e-cigarettes and patches but patches made me nauseated and e-cigarettes tasted funny to me and I felt like I looked silly smoking them. Then I’ve tried hypnotherapy and it worked for me! I consider that a miracle. I feel in control. I have saved so much money from not having to buy more cigarettes. I realized how much money I drained keeping up the habit. What are you waiting for, call Megan!

Stop Smoking by Barbara D, from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’ve tried to quit smoking at least a dozen times and I’ve always relapsed. My doctor said lung cancer can be a very real scenario for me if I didn’t quit soon – they are in such bad shape. That scared me straight. It was my wake up call. Hypnotherapy has helped be kill a habit that was about to kill me. Really… Just pick up the phone and call Megan.

Stop Smoking by Darlene H, from Hampton, Virginia

After going through surgery to remove cancerous growth in my lungs, I was willing to try anything to help me quit. After having a hypnotherapy session with Megan 2 years ago I am still smoke free. Thank you Megan for saving my life.

Stop Smoking by Helen S, from Newport News, Virginia

My family and friends are all non-smokers. Especially my kids hated my smoking and used to hide my cigarettes. One of my friends suggested hypnotherapy. I was skeptical about it but decided to give it a try anyway. I searched online and found Megan, she was highly recommended. I’m amazed to say hypnotherapy does work! I no longer need to smoke or feel weak-willed about it. My whole family and friends are loving it.

Chocolate Addiction by  by Mary H from Virginia Beach

Occupation/Title – Nurse
What was your problem? Chocolate addiction
How long have you had this problem? Many, many years
How did problem affect your life? Affected weight and bothered my family!
How did your life change after your sessions with Megan? I only saw her one time. I have not had chocolate of any kind for the past 2 months. I have not deliberately avoided chocolate, there is just no desire. I’m sure the overall long term benefits will be very positive.

Stop Smoking by James S from Virginia Beach

My wife had made me an appointment with Megan to help me completely stop smoking. I have gone through a group hypnosis to stop smoking but that did not work for me. I was a little skeptical going to my appointment, actually, I had thought about canceling it. She had told me that I had to want it for it to work from the start. I made my appointment and it was fantastic, I had no desire coming out of the first session to light up a cigarette. I saw her for another session to reinforce and tried another area to work on. I have not touched a cigarette nor had any urges to start back up since. I cannot stand the smell of it. What Megan does is terrific and I have made recommendations to my friends for them to see her if they really want to quit or work on anything else. She is very friendly and down to earth.

Thank you for your help Megan, you are awesome!!

Test anxiety by Lynn S from Virginia Beach

Megan, GUESS WHAT !!!!!!!! I PASSED MY TEST. I’m so excited and happy. I want to say thank you so much for all the help and encouragement. I truly don’t think I would have passed if I didn’t come see you. I did the breathing and self hypnosis before I went in and even in between tests. It really helped me focus. I’m just so happy that it all worked out. I ‘m just so happy that I went with you for the help, you are so sweet and really helped me. I can’t say thank you enough. I hope that you have a blessed weekend and thank you again.

Test Anxiety/Self Confidence by Sam L from Virginia Beach

I was taking classes to get my paramedic certification but had some troubles with taking tests. I didn’t have test anxiety exactly but didn’t trust myself to have the right answers despite hours of studying. I would over think questions or read into them information that was not there. I suppose it was more of a self-confidence issue but I just studied more till I talked about my difficulties with Megan, who was already a friend, and she explained how she could help. I hadn’t tried hypnotherapy at all but figured it couldn’t hurt since I already trusted Megan. I must admit I was a little skeptical but kept an open mind. She gave me a couple sessions while I was in school and I was more relaxed taking the tests. The REAL test of how well the hypnotherapy worked was when I took the national registry exam that basically was going to test me on what I had learned in the last 2 years. Boy was I intimidated. But I went into the testing sight, sat down, closed my eyes, cleared my head, took a couple deep breaths and just breezed through the exam. I was kind of shocked at first. Either I really screwed up or I got more than I thought right. I am now a nationally certified paramedic. She was very patient listening to my stresses and difficulties. She was very friendly, professional and non-judgmental. She was able to schedule me fairly quickly for the sessions, promptly returned calls and answered any questions without reserve. Her fees are very reasonable. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone having any kind of trouble, stress or difficulty. This is one skeptic proved wrong.

Depression/confidence, by Simone N from Virginia Beach, VA

My problem was battling mental abuse from the past.  This caused me not only a lot of pain, but also a lot of body image issues negative memories that were persistent.  This had been going on for 19 years…the memories of what happened, since I was 15 years old… I am 34 years old now.  This problem affected my life, with anger, sadness, problems concentrating, and how I interacted with men.  This issue stayed around too long.  I tried traditional therapy but It didn’t really help me that much.

Since traditional therapy didn’t work for me, I decided to try a hypnosis session.  I found Megan on Google.  She seemed to have a lot of experience overall in helping people so E-emailed her. Megan returned my email very quickly.

Megan was very professional. She was very honest and straight forward about my questions and also very patient as well. I immediately felt comfortable with Megan, once we met each other. Megan seems to know a lot about hypnosis and has been doing it for a long time.  Her answers helped me a lot, as she went in-depth about the procedure. Megan took the time to hear and listen to my concerns and also understand where I was coming from.

Since coming to see Megan, I haven’t experienced the bad memories, or intrusive voices. I feel a lot more confident around the opposite sex now. Megan definitely helped me with this problem. I haven’t felt this good for a long time.

I was happy that Megan did follow up with me to check on my results with the service.
Megan’s value is very good for her services. I would definitely recommend Megan to other people with similar problems.

Anxiety and Heartbreak due to a cheating husband by Kelly C from Richmond, VA

Megan, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are both are doing great. We felt like we went on a relaxing vacation after seeing you. I am not talking about “the other woman” to him anymore and moving forward. I feel that this woman is out of my head. I don’t think about that nasty bitch anymore. I do the self hypnosis and the thoughts and anxiety vanish.

You are the best. I can honestly say that you are the reason that I did not lose all control and lose my mind. I can guarantee you that I will be having “refresher” sessions with you as stress pops up in my life. Thank you so much for your help. I have already been telling people about you. You are so wise and awesome!!!

Sadness/Depression by Sharon G from Virginia Beach

Dear Megan, I woke up this morning and I must tell you I started to cry…and the reason was because I was happy for the first time in a long time. I wanted to thank you so much for giving that back to me again. Thanks again.

Weight loss by Anne from Virginia Beach

I have never written a testimonial before and for many reasons. But this one came to me very easily. I have struggled most of my life with weight issues and more recently with stress and anxiety. I am a mother, a wife, and a teacher. In these roles it is so easy to put myself last and let these issues take over my life. I bought into every diet program and book the industry has to offer only to feel like a failure as a result. Not only did I buy into diet programs but I also bought many self help books that I thought would be the answer for me. The books got dusty- I was not changing. One day I realized that maybe I needed to kick my self-sabotaging bad habits by changing from the inside. I looked into hypnotherapy on line and found Megan. It took me several weeks to get up the nerve to call her, but when I did I knew I was on the right path. It was like talking to an old friend. She made everything so easy and comfortable. I finally felt proud of myself for taking this positive step toward self improvement. I found my first session incredibly relaxing. I laughed, cried, and when I got home that night I wanted to exercise and did! Megan gave me daily strategies to use that truly work for me. I am not going to say that it doesn’t take effort on my part as I am losing this weight- it takes work every day. However, I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off of me. I don’t walk around beating myself up and taking everything so seriously. I am calmer and I laugh more. I know that I am working toward a goal that is absolutely attainable. I feel like I have walked out of a dark room. The best part is that I am making healthy choices everyday. I want to take care of myself. Thanks Megan- you are my angel!

Motivation & self-control by Ashley from Istanbul

Hi my name is Ashley. I wasn’t able to get motivated to do any house work, yard work and exercise. I also had an unstoppable desire to eat sweets all the time. I know sugar is not good for me and I had to stop eating them excessively. While I was searching a hypnotherapist, I found Megan’s web page, and I e-mailed to her. She immediately responded my e-mail. However, I had a problem. I live in Europe and she lives in the United States. Much to my surprise she offered to do a session on Web-Cam. Since we exchanged a few e-mails, I was already very comfortable with her and I was not reluctant at all about doing a Web-Cam session. Well, after one session, I achieved all my desired goals. I actually look forward to cleaning my own house, planting roses in my yard and exercise at least one hour every day. As far as the sweets, I may eat a little piece if I see them, but I don’t tear my house a part looking for it. Thanks Megan, you are a miracle.

Fear by Jenny from Chesapeake

Megan has changed my life. After just one Hypnotherapy session with Megan I have finally gotten relief from my fears of storms. I have suffered with my fear for years to the point where I would re-arrange my life schedule around them. My fear caused severe anxiety and uncontrollable panic attacks. I had been treated with medication for years with only little success and now I don’t need medication. Hypnotherapy works and Megan is a life saver. Thanks for giving me my life back Megan.

Eructation by Leila from Belgium

I would like to share my experience with Megan. I have been suffering with extremely frequent burps over eight years. I have seen many Doctors but none of them were able to help. They told me that it was psychological. Burping every 10 seconds made my life very difficult. I wasn’t able to finish a sentence without burping. I was too embarrassed to talk to people and I had no self esteem. I isolated myself from everyone. I came to the United States in June 2009 to visit a friend. She told me to try hypnotherapy for my burping problem. That’s when I got online, found Megan and made an appointment. I couldn’t believe how caring, friendly, polite, high spirited, and knowledgeable she was. Her approach was very respectful, with a great attitude. With her warm personality and genuine concern, I connected with her immediately. I felt like I was talking to a friend. She was just so sincere… Without a doubt, it was the most relaxing experience I ever had. She helped me get rid of my undesirable and embarrassing burps that were causing me low self esteem and shyness around people. I can breathe regularly now, I am not shy anymore, I smile more often and I am very happy. I am very thankful to Megan. She is very talented, very good at her job and she truly enjoys helping people. I am so lucky to find her. God bless you Megan, you are a God sent. I am back in Belgium now and I feel like a different person. Needless to say, Megan is a miracle. Thank you Megan.

Update: That was in 2007 and I am still doing great without the embarrassing burps.

Depression & Smoking by Jennifer H from Virginia Beach

I would like to commend Megan on her exceptional service and professionalism. She is sincere, courteous, and friendly. She had my best interest at heart and for this I am grateful. I am blessed to find her when I was going through difficult times in my life. I was a hypnotherapy skeptic, but after meeting her, I felt very comfortable with her. Megan is very personable. She is very thorough and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is very kind, friendly person and really cares about her clients and making a difference. She has a big heart and really cares about people. I was going through a divorce that made me very depressed and I was on anti-depressant medication. I was also trying to quit smoking. I have tried the patches, the gums, you name it. I tried it all, but none worked. Just as I was feeling that there was no light for me anymore, I decided to see a hypnotherapist. That was the best decision I have ever made. After one session with Megan, I was off my medication. I don’t lose my sleep over my divorce either. And I do not smoke anymore. Megan is really outstanding. Her pride in helping people and professionalism was truly noted and greatly appreciated. I am impressed with her infectious enthusiasm and her follow up phone calls and e-mails. I give her my appreciation and gratitude for all she has done for me. She pretty much saved my life. I recommend her highly for any goal that you would like to achieve. She is a wonderful hypnotherapist and she is excellent. She’ll help you feel as positive as she is! Megan, you are a true angel, you really are.

Weight loss by Kathy D from Hampton

I was struggling with my weight. I tried every diet out there and none worked. I was so frustrated. Then one of my friends recommended Megan to me. I made an appointment to see her. I have to tell you that Megan is outstanding, she is super. I achieved my desired goal weight only nine weeks after my first session with her. That is a miracle. Now I recommend her to all my friends and everyone else out there who is struggling with their weight.

Confidence & self-esteem by Mike S from Norfolk

I am a professional male who was struggling with low self-esteem. I had the education, skills and knowledge to get ahead in my profession but my low-self esteem was getting in my way. The self help books and the motivational trainings weren’t much help. So, I decided to get online and search for a hypnotherapist. That probably is the best decision I have ever made. I found Megan and made an appointment to see her. Let me tell you what had happened after meeting her. I am a confident person and actually became the Vice President in the company. People ask me what the reason is behind this change. They all think that I have a new love in my life. I am proud to say that Megan helped me achieve my goal by helping me become a confident person. I don’t think I have to say anything more. I think you got the picture. Just go see her yourself, than you will see what I am talking about.

Depression & insomnia by Eric C from Norfolk

I am a retired Air Force officer. I lost my wife two years ago and I have been depressed ever since. I also had difficulty sleeping at night. I was supposed to be a tough guy and thought that meant don’t seek help with a hypnotherapist. I tried some medication first, but not only it was it not working; I didn’t want to take sleeping pills for the rest of my life. That’s when I had the courage to look up a hypnotherapist online and found Megan. I am alive again and I can sleep through the night. I don’t really believe in angels, but you are the real angel Megan.

Shyness & self-esteem by Virginia M from Hampton

I had a problem with valuing myself until I met Megan. Being a very shy person, I didn’t think I could achieve more in life. My low self-esteem was preventing me from getting ahead in my career. One night I was watching television and I saw a woman who went to a hypnotherapist and gained her confidence. I wasn’t sure how it worked but I decided to try it myself. I am glad that I did. Megan, you are so wonderful. My husband asks me if I am on drugs, and I am not. I am a happy and confident person now and I just love it. God bless you Megan.

Stress management by Tracy P from Virginia Beach

I was one of those hypnotherapy skeptics. I thought that I would be out of control in hypnosis and I would end up making a fool out of myself. But that wasn’t the case. I was fully aware of what was going on. The reason I went to see Megan was to be able to handle the stress I was having at work. Her style, elegance and warmth were a blessing. She is a great hypnotherapist. I am a stress free person now and happy of course.

Forgiveness by Suzan from Virginia Beach

Megan, you have a wonderful gift of being able to reach people on a personal level. You teach by experience and empathize with our situations. You really taught us to see things from a new perspective when you worked with the group on forgiveness. Thank you!

Smoking by John H from Elizabeth city

After smoking for 43 years, I was up to 3 packs a day. That was $15.00 a day that I was wasting. I have tried everything out there to quit but to no avail. That’s when a co-worker suggested that I should try a hypnotherapist. I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try. Like many people, I called around for prices. I found that Megan’s prices were less than half of many places. That wasn’t the only reason why I picked her. She answered the phone personally when I called which was great. That was three years ago and I am still a non-smoker. I actually took my wife on our first cruise with the money that I saved. Thanks Megan.

Weight loss by Chris P from Suffolk

After retiring from the Navy I started to gain some weight and my wife did not like that. I tried a few diets but had a very hard time sticking to it. I knew that I had to eat healthy and exercise but just couldn’t do it. My main problem was that I was bored and didn’t have the motivation to get out of the house do things and exercise. I heard from many people that they lost weight through hypnosis. When I heard that the Navy started to use hypnosis for stop smoking, I knew that hypnosis had to be effective. I searched online and found Megan. She patiently answered all of my questions, explained the whole procedure and what to expect. I have to say that her fee was also very reasonable. After the first session I bought my first exercise machine. I am back in shape now and feel great. Also, I am not bored anymore because I joined to a local animal shelter as a volunteer.

Depression by Linda from Norfolk

I would like to thank you for all your help. Because of your wonderful service and dedication to help me get over my depression I am a happy person now. My husband and kids love the new me. We owe you our happiness. You are really a great person with a wonderful personality. I just love the personal follow up calls to see how I am doing. Thank you!

Survivors guilt by Linda R from Virginia Beach

Two years ago my sister and I were driving when a drunk driver hit us. My sister died and I survived with a few broken bones. I was feeling very guilty about surviving while she was dead. I was depressed, gained a lot of weight and started to smoke. As a diabetic my Doctor told me that I need to quit smoking and lose some weight. I went to see a psychiatrist for thirteen months but it wasn’t helping. He actually recommended that I should go see Megan. I know I was a challenging patient/client who had serious issues to deal with. After exhausting all my options my last hope was to see a hypnotherapist. Megan was so compassionate and kind. Too make a long story short, I quit smoking, lost the weight and came out of the depression. I tell almost everyone about her. She is absolutely incredible.

Alcohol abuse by Brandon K from Virginia Beach

My wife left me all of the sudden leaving two children and myself behind. I had a very stressful full time job so it was very difficult to take care of two young children. What did I do? I started to drink. I know that wasn’t a smart thing to do but I just couldn’t stop. It started to affect my work and my relationship with my kids. I know it was time to get help when my kids’ grades were getting bad too. After trying numerous ways to stop I decided to see a hypnotherapist. I am sure most people go to a hypnotherapist as a last resort. Someone I worked with told me that her mother went to see Megan for weight loss and she was successful. So, I went to see Megan and now I don’t drink. I read these testimonials before I went to see her and I know why they wrote all these great things about her. She is actually all that great.

Nail biting by Lisa from Virginia Beach

I like getting dressed up pretty, getting my hair done and putting on a nice make up. But I had one problem; I couldn’t “Stop biting my nails.” I felt like people were always staring at my nails. It was so embarrassing. I tried putting on fake nails and nail polish. I even tried putting hot sauce on my nails. But, nothing stopped me. Just as thought there was no cure for it, my hairdresser suggested that I should go see a hypnotherapist. I went to see Megan and it took only one session, then I was cured. She is such a wonderful person to meet and she is so genuine.

Depression by Brian S from Virginia Beach

When my girlfriend left me I was totally devastated. I was just promoted with my job, but due to my depression my job performance wasn’t satisfactory. Before I loose my job too, I went to see a talk therapist for a while, but really, it did not help at all. I found Megan on line and I am doing great. I still think about my ex girlfriend occasionally but it doesn’t hurt me at all. Life is good. Thanks Megan

Smoking & Marriage by Jane & Bill L from Virginia Beach

My wife and I each smoked one pack a day. It sure was getting expensive. Meanwhile we were seeing a marriage counselor but since it wasn’t relevant we never told that to Megan when we saw her. After the first session we both quit smoking and stopped seeing our marriage counselor. We don’t know what she did or what had happened but she worked her magic with us. We feel like we just started to date. It is amazing. This lady is such a miracle. We have never met anyone so kind, so caring and so sincere.

Weight loss by Brittney D from Norfolk

This is another weight loss testimonial. I don’t really have an exciting story to tell. I was searching on line when I came across Megan’s website. When I read about her being such an animal lover and volunteering at the animal shelters I had to choose her. I am glad that I did. She is wonderful. Yes I lost all the weight.

Smoking by Les from Camp Laguna

I am in the Navy and have been smoking for over 15 years. I tried quitting cold turkey, then the patches, gums and the Navy’s own “Smoking Cessation” program, but none worked for me. I found Megan online and she helped me quit smoking. Mission accomplished. Thank you Megan.

Anxiety by Jill B from Newport News

When I decided to use hypnotherapy, I have to be honest, I was very nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect. So I started to search online. When I started to read Megan’s website, I got a great feeling about her. I can’t explain why but for some strange reason I could see her being such a caring person. Her personal statement really touched me. I called and talked to her and I was right with my feelings, she is really a nice person. She cured my anxiety problem that I was having for such a long time.

Memory by Charles G from Virginia Beach

My name is Charles. I am 33 years old. I was so busy in my younger days drinking, doing drugs and partying that I didn’t want to go to college. After high school, I had many dead end jobs. I lived paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes I couldn’t pay my bills. So I enlisted in the Navy. After serving 4 years in the Navy, I realized that that’s not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Meanwhile I got married and had 2 children. I didn’t want to struggle anymore and wanted to give my kids a better life and a better future. It was really time for me to grow up and be a responsible adult. I decided to go to college and get a degree but I had one problem. My memory wasn’t very good. I heard that hypnotherapy could improve memory. I searched online and found Megan. After my session with her I enrolled in college while working a full time job to support my family. It is not easy to take care of a family while working full time and going to school, but I know it will be all worth it at the end. I am doing very well in school, getting good grades and am very excited. Hypnotherapy really works.

Trichotillomania by Stephanie L from Virginia Beach

My name is Stephanie and I work as a graphic designer and illustrator. I began pulling my eyebrows as a stress coping mechanism around age 22 when I moved to a new city and began my first professional job. The problem was of course, unflattering to say the least. I had to carry an eyebrow pencil with me everywhere to fill in holes in my eyebrow (or my eyebrow completely). Before visiting Megan I tried a psychologist who specializes in Trichotillomania (hair pulling) and although she was friendly, it didn’t work as a long term solution (although it did help me to pinpoint the times I found myself unconsciously pulling hair). Within a few weeks after treatment I was pulling again. I decided to see a hypnotherapist because it seemed like a new and viable option. I found Megan’s web site via an Internet search and chose her because she had a 97% success rate with her clients. After my first session I went 2 weeks without pulling. I visited Megan again for one more session and haven’t pulled hair out since. My eyebrows have been growing back in and I’m now very aware of my urges to pull and it’s easier for me to stop before incurring any hair loss. Megan was very responsive (she returned my e-mail request within the hour) and we set an appointment up right away for within the week. She walked me through the process, expectations and follow up. She was very friendly and did her research beforehand to make sure we addressed my problem very specifically. She followed up after treatment and I’ve been doing fine ever since. I would recommend her to anyone in need of changes in their life. Thank you Megan!

Smoking by Dr. G, DDS from Norfolk

I am Robert. I am a Dentist. Believe it or not, I was a cigarette smoker and one of my patients recommended Megan. I went to see her two years ago. Megan asked me if I was really ready to quit smoking and I said “Yes.” I had three sessions with her and wasn’t able to quit. One year later I contacted her again and made another appointment. I confessed to her that I wasn’t really ready to quit smoking last year and that my girlfriend was pressuring me about quitting. Megan asked me, ”How do you know that you are ready this time?” Well, my then girlfriend is my wife now and she doesn’t say a word about me smoking anymore. I knew I was ready this time for sure and it took only one session for me to quit smoking. I have been a non smoker for almost a year. It is amazing how mind power works. You cannot be forced to do something if you are not absolutely sure. If you have made up your mind about doing something, but don’t have enough will power to do it, go see Megan. She can coach your mind to achieve your goal. Who do you think I refer my patients to now?

Nail biting by Pete C from Virginia Beach

Hi, my name is Pete. I am a manager in the automobile business. I was a nail chewer. I’ll tell you, it is very embarrassing for a grown man to chew his nails. I have tried everything I could think of to stop. I even put on clear nail polish, soap and hot sauce but nothing helped. I was advised to try a hypnotherapist but I was afraid that I would do stupid things or say things that I didn’t want to. I started to search the net anyway. Some of the websites I found looked pretty complicated; some even looked like a text book. I don’t like complication and don’t have time to study either. When I came a cross Megan’s website I found it very easy to read and understand as it was designed for dummies like me. She sounded very sincere, her credentials were impressive and I loved reading the testimonials. To be honest with you, I am a bargain shopper. Some of the places I called were very expensive, not to mention most places didn’t even return my call or e-mail. Megan got back to me within one hour. Before the session, she told me what to expect in hypnosis and did a demonstration as to how the hypnosis feels and works. I was convinced that I would be in control while being hypnotized. Since I am writing this testimonial you can tell that I am very satisfied with the results. I am more relaxed, feel happier and sleep better. This lady is real, genuine and compassionate. She is the other Mother Teresa, seriously. I don’t chew my nails anymore. My little girl teases me and tells me that she will put pink nail polish on my nails. Well, that is not going to happen. Thank you for all your help Megan.

Weight loss by Dr. M from Virginia Beach

My name is Paul. I am a doctor. I heard about Megan from her primary care physician I went to see her to lose some weight. As a doctor I knew that I should eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise. That’s what I tell my patients but due to a lack of motivation, it is not easy to do. Some of us (yes, even doctors) don’t always have strong will power. I was impressed with Megan’s professionalism. As a doctor, I knew that losing weight takes time and effort on my part. She told me that my success will depend on my willingness and that she doesn’t have a magic wand to make my extra weight go away overnight. I think she has the magic wand. There is something angelic about her as she was a born hypnotherapist. I eat and drink healthy now and exercise at least one hour every day. Losing weight is a lengthy process and needs consistency and patience. It took some time, but I lost the extra weight. Megan is a great person and a great hypnotherapist. She is kind, sincere, knowledgeable and experienced. I recommend her to my patients now for weight loss, cigarette cessation and anything else they might need help. By the way, her price is pretty affordable.

Sexual performance anxiety by John L from Chesapeake

Hi, my name is John. Due to some emotional issues, I started to have sexual performance anxiety. I went to see a doctor and I was given some medication but it didn’t really help and I started to see some side effects of the medication so I stopped taking it. As a single person, it was frustrating not being able to please a partner. After a failing performance, they would all leave me. Needless to say I wasn’t able to keep a steady girlfriend. I had enough courage to search for a hypnotherapist online and found Megan. I loved her testimonials and her fee was right in my budget. I thought I would be very nervous and embarrassed to see her, but she was so professional that it was like seeing a doctor. I am cured now and very happy. She is a great person, a great hypnotherapist and very professional. If you need a hypnotherapist, look no further, she is “the person” to see.

Anxiety by Miroslawa T from Poland

My name is Miroslawa. I am from Poland. I moved to the US about a year ago and wanted to obtain a drivers license. I speak pretty good English and have a college degree from my country. However, for some reason, I was having such anxiety that as soon as I would see the test, I would forget everything that I had studied. After failing the test three times, I knew it was time to see a hypnotherapist. I actually met Megan almost six months ago in one of her SPCA volunteer functions at the beach. She gave me her card. I found her card and e-mailed her. She replied to my e-mail about an hour later and answered all my questions. I found her price was affordable so I made an appointment to see her. She wanted me to inform her when I passed the test. She didn’t say “If,” rather she said “When I pass it.” That sure was a confidence booster. After the first session I took the test again and “passed” with flying colors. I am so happy. Thank you Megan! All the people who praised you on these testimonials were so right, you are an angel.

Weight Loss by Mark T from Virginia Beach

Dear Megan, again it was a pleasure to meet you. You have a special glow that put me at ease. What a great session it was… such a feeling of being renewed. I lost 12 pounds (yeah) since last 3 weeks after 2 sessions. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you Megan and have a great day.

Insomnia by Terry L from Hampton

Megan, I just wanted to thank you for the good nights sleep I have been getting. I swear on the way leaving your office the other day, the song ‘bright sun shiny day’ came on, lol. Many thanks.

Weight Loss by Erin M from Virginia Beach

It was a wonderful experience. I have been doing very well. After the session I immediately went to Rite Aid and got some water and I stopped at the grocery store and got some healthy snacks and whole fruits and veggies. I go to the gym now. I take lunch to work and drink all my water before I get off from work. Oh, and I eat breakfast. How cool is that? I’m very exited to see what the next month will bring. I keep thinking about the 115 lb. I’m very excited and not giving in to temptation. Ohhh…. Today they had an ice cream social at work. And I turned down ice cream cake. I see myself toned and fit and ice cream will not get me there. I was so proud of myself. I lost 4 lbs last week after just one session…

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