Achieving a goal with hypnotherapy is like getting a drivers license…

Before you decide to learn how to drive, you think about the benefits of owning a car; how wonderful it would be to have the freedom of going anywhere, anytime you want, visiting friends, going to the parties, getting to work on time, not having have to beg people for rides, or waiting in the cold or heat for public transportation, etc.

You get really excited about the idea and then you convince yourself that you really would like to have a driver’s license.

The next step is putting your plans into action by finding someone who can help you learn to drive.

Once you find your coach, you get behind the wheel as your coach sits right next to you, guiding you, showing you and teaching you how to drive as you are still in the driver’s seat, excited, determined and eager to get a driver’s license or permit.

That coach, co-pilot, navigator and guide sitting on the passenger seat is the hypnotherapist. He/she can help you achieve a goal so that you are determined and excited to achieve. You are the pilot who is ready to fly and be free to be the just the way you want to be.

The hypnotherapist cannot forcefully put you in a car and press your foot on the gas pedal to drive. He/she can only guide you toward a goal that you really want to achieve.

By the time you come to see your hypnotherapist you must be loaded with excitement, determination, desire, commitment, motivation, willingness and readiness to make the change in your life. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and money.

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