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Fill out the form only if you are ready to make the payment and proceed with the sessions.

Full payment is required 24 hours before the session. If you cancel your appointment prior to your appointment, the money will be fully refunded. However, after using the first session, regardless you use the remaining sessions or not, the fee remains the same and there will be NO refunds. The fee is per program, not per session. Missed appointments without proper prior notice will count as used sessions.

The information you provide is strictly confidential. You get the same confidentially at Virginia Beach Hypnosis as you would get at your doctor’s office. Please answer all the questions with honesty. No need to be shy or embarrassed. I can help you better if I know all the facts upfront.

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(Weight Loss ClientsPlease name the foods that contribute to your weight gain. Do you eat pasta, bread, pizza, sweets? How much water do you drink a day? Do you exercise and how often?)
(Smokers – Please mention how long you have been smoking, what you have tried so far to help you quit and why you decided to quit now.)
(For addictions – Please explain why you want to get rid of your bad habit NOW?)
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