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Can I get stuck when I am hypnotized?

No. It is like coming out of a nap; you will simply open your eyes, feeling refreshed. However, hypnosis can help you get ‘unstuck’ from problems in life. The hypnotic state is very pleasant. You feel mentally very calm, relaxed,…
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How do I know if I can be hypnotized?

Anyone of average or above average intelligence can be hypnotized as long as their mind is not impaired by alcohol, drugs, or disease (at the time of the hypnosis). If you’re able to read and understand this sentence, you can…
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How does hypnosis work?

The hypnotherapist guides you into a state of relaxation and then into hypnosis, a natural state in which your subconscious minds is alert and open to positive suggestions. While you are in hypnosis, your critical conscious mind is bypassed and…
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How many kind of hypnosis are there?

Directed Hypnosis – When you go to a hypnotherapist or do self hypnosis with the intent of using hypnosis to bring about a positive change. Social or mass Hypnosis – Advertising is a good example of this. Think of the…
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