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Virginia Beach Hypnosis …  I specialize in children’s services over the age of 10, provided they can understand what is being said, are intelligent, imaginative and cooperative.

Hypnotherapy can really help your child…

All children will at some developmental stage display repetitive behaviors but whether they may be considered as disorders depends on their frequency and persistence and the effect they have on physical, emotional and social functioning.

The habit behaviors may arise originally from intentional movements which become repeated and then become incorporated into the child’s customary behavior.

Some habits arise in imitation of adult behavior. Other habits such as hair pulling or head banging develop as a means of providing a form of sensory input and comfort when the child is alone.

This range of disorders may be caused by a number of factors such as:

  •  Bereavement
  • Child abuse 
  • Chronic illness 
  • Injury  
  • Neglect 
  • Overindulgence 
  • Parenting style  
  • Separation  
  • Family or marital problems 


Please note that in addition to the list of children’s services listed below, all the services listed for the adults are also available to children.

  • Air swallowing 
  • Anxiety 
  • Bed Wetting 
  • Behavior problems 
  • Biting themselves 
  • Body rocking 
  • Breath holding 
  • Child happiness 
  • Depression 
  • Fears of any kind 
  • Habit disorders 
  • Head banging 
  • Healthy eating habit 
  • Hitting themselves 
  • Homework 
  • Learning difficulty 
  • Manipulating parts of the body 
  • Nail Biting  
  • Poor school performance 
  • Repetitive vocalizations 
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Sleeping problems 
  • Sports 
  • School related problems 
  • Test Anxiety 
  • Thumb Sucking 
  • Tics 
  • Trichotillomania (Pulling hair, eye brows, eye lashes)

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