Children’s Form

Parents must be present for the first session. Please introduce me to your child as a FRIEND, not doctor, or therapist. These words may scare them. If the child refuses to participate, there will be no charge.

Virginia Beach Hypnosis Terms and Conditions

Hypnosis is not intended to replace medical or psychological treatments offered by any Doctor.

I understand that there are no refunds. The fee of $480 covers up to 3 sessions and it remains the same regardless if I use all the sessions or not.

I understand that Hypnotherapy may not work for everybody and the amount of success is variable between people.

The number of sessions required depends on the depth and nature of the issue. Alcohol, drug, gambling addictions, weight loss, and trichotillomania may need 9 to 12 sessions.

I am responsible for my own success by completing all the required sessions and accepting the suggestions.

If hypnosis does not work for me, I agree not to leave any kind of negative review including but not limited to text, rating, verbal or online. In addition I agree not to disseminate anything negative about Megan or VBH.

Considering any issues that may arise, I agree to contact Megan personally to arbitrate.

If I breach this contract, I agree that this contract can be used in a court of law. Should litigation become necessary, I agree to be responsible for any court costs, including but not limited to compensation for any litigation time spent, loss of income, attorney fees and other related expenses during this process.

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