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Beach Hypnosis … Has the spark gone out in your relationship?

Are you having a hard time getting over his/her infidelity?
Are you having communication problems with your partner?
Are you having a hard time getting along but don’t want to part?
Are you angry with your partner for something he/she did and having difficulty forgiving?
Have you tried traditional talk therapists such as marriage counseling, mediators, psychotherapists, psychologists or social workers with no positive results?

If your relationship is on the rocks and you did not get the results you wanted from a marriage counselor, give hypnotherapy a chance before you call it quits.

You went to a marriage counselor… You blamed your partner for your problems, your partner blamed you. You two were pointing fingers at each other. A shouting match started, yelling, screaming… Then one of you stormed out of the office…

You are not ready to give up on your relationship for whatever reason and you want that spark backThe beauty of going to a hypnotherapist is that unlike going to a counselor, neither one of you have to talk. Just state your problem and let the hypnotherapist do all the work. Wouldn’t that be great?

Some couples seek marriage counseling for more than 10 years without resolving their issues. Some experts say that many therapists lack the skills to work with couples who are in serious trouble. They are unable to help angry couples get to the root of their conflict and achieve a resolution, therefore sometimes couples therapy can do more harm than good when the therapist doesn’t know how to help a couple. Some couples even reported that their therapist hurt their marriage, resulting in a divorce. Studies showed that 25% of couples are worse off after therapy than they were when they started, and up to 38% percent ends up in divorce.

If all your efforts to save your relationship failed but your life with each other is still worth saving, give hypnotherapy a chance before you call it quits.  

A skilled and experienced hypnotherapist can help you recognize and resolve your conflicts, improve and rebuild your relationship, improve your communication with each other and put the spark back in through hypnotherapy. With the help of hypnotherapy you can relax and be kinder and more understanding towards each other while able to see your problems from a different perspective. You can resolve your issues with each other in much less time than with talk therapy.

The beauty of going to a hypnotherapist is that unlike going to a counselor, neither one of you have to talk. Just state your problem and let the hypnotherapist do all the work. Wouldn’t that be great?


 Virginia Beach Hypnosis … I am the only experienced and licensed hypnotherapist who offers couples therapy through hypnosis with great success in the Hampton Roads area.

Please note that, I do NOT help couples with domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact the police or a local shelter or crisis center for emergency support.

I don’t help couples if their problems are caused by alcohol or drug abuse either. The substance abuser must receive individual hypnotherapy sessions to cure his/her addiction first, and then they can seek help as couples.


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Hypnotherapy can really help you relax and have happier relationships!

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