Form Photo Request

Thank you,

Virginia Beach Hypnosis… Thank you. Your application is on it’s way to me.
Please send a current picture of yourself for safety reasons and for my client files.
After receiving your application and photo I will contact you.
The office address will be sent after payment is made.


The first session is about 1 hour and subsequent sessions are about 20 minutes long.

(For office visits) if you are allergic to cats or birds please take your medication.

If you wear hearing aids, please do wear them and make sure the batteries are fresh. It’s hard to hypnotize someone while yelling.

Please turn your cell phone off before coming to the office so it won’t be a distraction during our session.

Smokers – Bring your remaining cigarettes for final disposal as part of the program.

Please read the FAQ page on my website. It may answer some of your questions, so we can spend less time on questions and more time on the session.

Please add my e-mail to your contacts. (Megan Magnolia).
Also, please add my number (757) 577-2002 to your contacts so I won’t have to keep identifying myself each time I call or text you.

I look forward to meeting you.

    The photo file size should be less than 5 Mb

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