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“2020 Virginia Beach Best Hypnotherapist Award” winner.

Megan (757) 577-2002
Megan (757) 577-2002

I am an animal lover and I volunteer for the SPCA and PETA.

I volunteer for the homeless shelters, suicide hotline, beach and bay clean up.

I also volunteer for ACCESS AIDS CARE fundraising, helping HIV infected families and children.

I specialize in Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Addictions, Fear, Anxiety, Trichotillomania, Children, Teenagers, Relationship issues, Sexual performance issues, LGB Identity acceptance and more. Please visit the ‘services‘ page for a list of services.

I am trusted and have had clients referred by Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and most importantly, clients that I have helped improve their lives.

I get great pleasure in helping people achieve their goals and live a happier and healthier life. I love coaching people to lose weight, quit smoking, and rid themselves of unwanted habits. It gives me great satisfaction to see people become happier, build their confidence, and succeed in their business and personal life. My greatest joys are making a difference in people’s lives and helping animals.

Founder and the Owner of Virginia Beach Hypnosis
Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in Hypnotherapy
Certified Hypnotherapist by the Genesis School of Hypnosis

Dale Carnegie and the Joe Verde Management and Leadership Certified
Masters degree in Business Management from SUNY Plattsburgh
Business Consultant Specializing in Personnel Development,
Problem Solving, Leadership, and Self-Improvement
District Manager for large national retail companies
General Operations Manager for large corporations
Published Author (non-fiction)

HUMANITY…  “In 2008, a 23-year-old journalism student, Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, was sentenced to death by an Islamic court in Afghanistan. His crime was downloading a report on women’s rights from the Internet and passing this report around to his friends. I got involved for the fight for Sayed’s freedom by starting a petition in the United States to set him free. After collecting thousands of signatures and contacting the officials in Afghanistan his life was spared.

In 2009, I also helped a wrongly convicted young woman for killing her husband in self defense. She was sentenced for life and served 11 years as a result of poor defense. I helped raise awareness by starting a petition resulting in her being freed.”

Why is Virginia Beach Hypnosis so Successful?
Major medical institutions in the United States such as Harvard, Colombia, Mt. Sinai and Cleveland Clinic recognize the power of hypnotherapy in losing weight, stopping smoking, insomnia and more.

Reputation, reliability, years of experience, success rates, testimonials from satisfied clients and trust is important in seeking professional help, as is the case with Virginia Beach Hypnosis.

Regardless of the nature of the issue, every client is treated with professional and friendly service and respect at Virginia Beach Hypnosis. Therefore Virginia Beach Hypnosis has the highest success rate and the best reputation. The amount of testimonials from real clients are clear proof of Virginia Beach Hypnosis’ success and why so many people trust and refer Virginia Beach Hypnosis to their friends.

In Memory of Terry Richmond…  I have been trained by one the best hypnotherapy instructors in the world; Terry Richmond. My instructor, mentor and beloved friend Terry passed away in 2009. She will always be remembered and continues to live in our hearts.

ODU - 1
Megan lecturing at Old Dominion University
ODU - 2
Explaining Hypnotherapy to ODU students
Megan giving a speech to Old Dominion University Psychology students. She is often invited to give speeches in Universities about hypnotherapy. Based on her great reputation and success record, Medical Doctors, Dentists and Psychologists refer their patients to Megan.
Megan loves animals!

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