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The fee for all services is $395 for every 3 sessions and I accept VENMO with no service fee and Pay Pal with a 4% service fee. Full payment is required before the first session. (No refunds)

You can find me on VENMO APP under Megan Magnolia VBH.

How many sessions do I need? Based on the statistics, here are the numbers of sessions you may need:

Alcohol – 9-12 sessions
Anxiety – 9-12 sessions
Drugs – 9-12 sessions
Emotional issues – 9-12 sessions
Fear and phobia – 1-3 sessions
Gambling – 9-12 Sessions
Smoking Cessation – 1-3 sessions
Trichotillomania – 9-12 sessions
Weight loss – 9-12 sessions (Depends on how much you want to lose)

Most other issues require a minimum of 3 sessions. The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue. The first session is about 1 hour and subsequent sessions are about 20 minutes long.


  • The unused sessions can NOT BE sold, transferred, combined or used for other issues.
  • The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue.
  • The fee varies for each service and the extent of the therapy needed.
  • Regardless you use all the sessions or not, the fee remains the same.
  • The amount of success is variable between people.
  • Virginia Beach Hypnosis does NOT offer any refunds.


(757) 577-2002

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Interested in learning more about Hypnotherapy? Check out the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

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