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The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue.
The first session is about 30 minutes and subsequent sessions are about 20 minutes long.

Full payment is required before the first session. (No refunds). If you cancel your appointment prior to your appointment, the money will be fully refunded. However, after using the first session, regardless you use the remaining sessions or not, the fee remains the same and there will be NO refunds. The fee is per program, not per session. NOTE: Missed appointments without proper prior notice will count as used sessions.

If you don’t see the fee for your problem on the list below please call or text me @ (757) 577-2002.

Alcoholism  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Anxiety  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Depression  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Bruxism  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)

Drug Abuse $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Emotional issues  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Exam Anxiety  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)

Fear and phobia  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Finding a lost item $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)

Gambling  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Grieving $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Insomnia  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Memory Improvement $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Nail Biting  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Pain Management $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Panic Attacks $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Past Life Regression  $250 (1 session)
Public Speaking Fear $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Regression  $250 (1 session)
Sexual issues $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Skin Picking $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)

Smoking Cessation  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Sports $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Stuttering  $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)
Teeth Grinding $550 (Covers up to 3 sessions)

Trichotillomania  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)
Weight loss  $950 (Covers up to 8 sessions)

If you are ready to make the payment and fill out an application click HERE


  • The unused sessions can NOT BE sold, transferred, combined or used for other issues.
  • The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue.
  • Regardless you use all the sessions or not, the fee remains the same.
  • The amount of success is variable between people.
  • Virginia Beach Hypnosis does NOT offer any refunds.


(757) 577-2002

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