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Hypnotherapy really works, it changes your life by changing your mind!

The amount of success is variable between people
The fee varies for each service and the extent of the therapy needed
The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue

If you can’t get the results you want with the traditional talk therapists, Psychologist or Psychiatrists, it’s time to leave yourself in the hands of an experienced and successful hypnotherapist to get your emotional freedom and to take control over your life faster.


Alcohol Anger/Hate Anorexia
Anxiety Break up Bulemia
Career Couples Depression
Drug Use EFT Fear/Phobia
Grieving Guilt/Shame Headaches
Infidelity Insomnia Jealousy
Kids Memory Nail Biting
NLP Pain Mgmt Parts Therapy
Regression Sports Smoking
Stress Relief Stuttering Teens
Trich Weight Worrying



If you have an issue that you don’t see on the list contact me.
Nothing is too embarrassing to ask for help.


Addictions (end alcohol, drugs, gambling etc.)
Agoraphobia (end fear of crowds, bridges, of being outside alone)
Alcohol Abuse (live a long and healthy life)
Amnesia (reverse memory loss)
Anger / Hate (learn to manage your anger and relax)
Anorexia (end eating disorder, you are already beautiful)
Anxiety (end anxiety of any kind)
Athletics performance (increase your success in sports)
Bad habits (end bad habit of any kind)
Bedwetting (end cleanups and embarrassment)
Birth anxiety (child birth doesn’t have to be painful)
Blushing / Timidity (no need to be shy)
Breakup / Divorce (ease your pain and move on with your life)
Bruxism (end teeth grinding at night)
Bulimia (end binge eating and purging)
Career and Success (increase your income, get a promotion)
Cheating / Infidelity (get over a cheating partner)
Claustrophobia (end fear of enclosed places)
Confidence (increase confidence to achieve your goals)
Death phobia (don’t let this fear get in the way of your happiness)
Depression (life is beautiful and it’s your birth right to enjoy it)
Divorce/Seperation (learn to be strong and move on with your life)
Drug Abuse (end this destructive habit, take charge of your life)
Eating disorders (develop healthy eating habits)
Emetophobia (end fear of vomiting)
Enthusiasm (go for the gold)
Exam anxiety (pass oral or written tests like a breeze)
Exercise (get fit and improve health and well-being)
Fear / Phobia (end the fear of all kind)
Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep, memory issues)
Find lost item (enjoy finding something you love)
Focusing (improve concentration)
Food addiction (gain control of your appetite)
Forgiveness (forgiveness warms the heart and cools the sting)
Gagging (control the reflex)
Gambling addiction (stop wasting your money that work so hard to earn)
Goal achievement (make your dreams come true)
Grieving (deal with loss)
Guilt release (get out of your own jail)
Headaches (be free of pain)
Healing traumas (let the past be the past)
Heartache (open your heart for newer and better relationships)
Helplessness (gain control of your life)
Hate / Anger (hate is letting someone live in your head rent free)
Insomnia (end the sleepless nights)
Internet addiction (enjoy the people around you instead)
Jealousy (don’t let it get in the way of your happiness)
LGBT acceptance (Accept LGBT identity without any guilt and shame)
Learning issues (enjoy studying, classes, learning, school)
Let go of  past hurts (live a happier life)
Let go of a loved one (you can move on and learn to love again)
Losing weight (live a long and healthy life)
Memory improve (develop a better memory)
Migraines (be free of pain)
Motivation (get it done)
Nail biting (time to stop this embarrassing habit)
Nervousness (relax and be confident)
Pain management (be free of pain)
Panic attacks (stay in control)
Patience (accept what you cannot control)
Personal growth (achieve your personal goals)
Phobias / Fear (free yourself from irrational fears)
Positive thinking (think positive and feel better)
Positive attitude (so people can enjoy being around you)
Post traumatic stress (leave the trauma behind)
Problem solving skills (think clearly and solve problems)
Procrastination (don’t put it off any longer)
Public speaking fear (relax and become more fluent)
Quit smoking (live a long and healthy life)
Relationship problems (have a happy relationship)
Sadness (smile again)
Sales success (increase your income)
Shame / Guilt (stop beating yourself up for your mistakes)
Shopping addiction (end this expensive habit)
Self esteem (accept yourself for the great person you are)
Self sabotage (don’t stop yourself from succeeding)
Separation anxiety (learn to be happy and confident by yourself)
Sexual issues (end erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation)
Shyness / Timidity (be confident in yourself)
Skin Picking (have a beautiful skin)
Sleep disorders (relax and get a good night’s sleep)
Smoking cessation (stop killing yourself gradually)
Social Phobia (enjoy being around people)
Sports performance (be the best you can be)
Stuttering (enjoy conversations everyone)
Stop smoking (stop being a slave to the cigarettes)
Stage fright (shine like a star)
Stress management (reduce stress and enjoy life)
Studying (enjoy studying and get better grades)
Sugar/Sweets addiction (gain control of your appetite)
Suicidal deterrence (life is worth living, move on with yours)
Teeth grinding (have healthy teeth)
Temper / Anger (learn to control yourself)
Test anxiety (pass oral or written tests like a breeze)
Thumb sucking (time to leave this embarrassing habit)
Time management (spend your time wisely)
Travel fears (enjoy seeing the world)
Tobacco chewing (end this ugly habit)
Trichotillomania (have beautiful hair, eye brows, eye lashes)
Weight loss (stop food controlling you and have attractive body)
Worrying too much (worrying is like a rocking chair; gets you nowhere)

And more…

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