Megan (757) 577-2002
Megan (757) 577-2002


Beach Hypnosis…

Hypnotherapy really works, it changes your life by changing your mind!

If you have an issue that you don’t see on the list, you can text me at (757) 577-2002

The amount of success is variable between people.

The number of sessions depends on the depth and the nature of the issue.

If you can’t get the results you want with the traditional talk therapists, Psychologist or Psychiatrists, it’s time to leave yourself in the hands of an experienced and successful hypnotherapist to get your emotional freedom and to take control over your life faster.

P.S. I don’t accept suicidal clients!


Other Conditions than can be helped by Hypnosis


Athletics performance

Bed wetting

Birth anxiety



Death phobia


Exam anxiety

Find lost item

Gambling addiction

Guilt release


Internet addiction

Learning issues

Let go of past hurts


Panic attacks

Phobias / Fear


Public speaking fear

Relationship problems

Shopping addiction

Self esteem

Self sabotage

Separation anxiety

Sexual issues

Skin Picking

Social Phobia

Teeth grinding

Test anxiety

Thumb sucking

Tobacco chewing