Beach Hypnosis…


Fill out the application only if you are ready to make a payment and proceed with the sessions.

Please do NOT fill out the application for someone else, not even for your spouse!

Therapies are custom tailored to fit each client’s needs. The answers will be used during the session for a more effective session.

You get the same confidentiality with Beach Hypnosis that you get from your doctor’s office. Your information will NOT be shared, sold, or made public.

The fee is for ONE PROBLEM only and maximum 3 Sessions IF needed. After using the first session, whether you use the remaining sessions or not, the fee remains the same and THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.

The unused sessions CANNOT be sold, transferred, combined or used for other problems.

The full payment is required at the time of the session.

Clients are accepted by appointment only. No walk-ins.

Missed appointments without proper prior notice will count as used sessions.

The first session is about 30 minutes and subsequent sessions are about 20 minutes long.

If you wear hearing aids, please wear them and make sure the batteries are fresh. It’s hard to hypnotize someone while yelling.

Please read the FAQ page on my website. It may answer some of your questions, so we can spend less time on questions and more time on the session.

Make sure to read the “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom of the application before checking the box.

P.S. I don’t accept suicidal clients!