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Beach Hypnosis reviews from real clients:

“Megan is a reliable hypnotherapist who has in depth experience in hypnosis and evidence of previous client’s success. She is a professional that you can feel comfortable with. I refer my patients to her and they are all very satisfied with her service and results.” Dr. DC, MD, Medical Care Plus, Norfolk VA.

“Based on her success record and professionalism I recommend Miss. Megan to my patients if they want to quit smoking, lose weight etc. You should experience her kind, compassionate, and caring service yourself.” Dr. Richmond, DDS, Shore Drive Dental Group, Virginia Beach VA.

Fear of heights by Chris L, Hampton VA – Issue Details: Severe, debilitating fear of heights lifelong. Planning a family first-time tandem skydiving celebration on November 25. You helped me before about 5 years ago to go zip-lining on family vacation. I kept it as a surprise for my family. Excellent results with just one session with you. We jumped out of a plane at 9,000 Feet over Manteo, N.C yesterday. You are great. I can not thank you enough! 

Sky Diving AFTER hypnosis with Megan (757) 577-2002

Cannon Sofield – Megan was fantastic. With her assistance I was able to over come my fear of bridges, tunnels & airplanes. I was referred to her by a family friend, used her services and was able to fly to Scotland two days later. Absolutely amazing. She made me feel very welcomed, relaxed and open minded. I would recommended to anyone for any reason at all. Give her a shot. I can assure you it won’t be regretted!

James O’Toole – I am amazed that after just one session so far, I was able to immediately get on a highway and drove with ZERO anxiety! I have a fear of heights, bridges, tunnels, highways, and speeding anything over 40mph. This was a recent development that happened over the past few months and it was crippling with my hands shaking. I even had to stop once on a bridge and slam on the brakes to switch drivers. Today changed me significantly! I not only drove on the highway at 65mph, but I had no fear! I’ve since watched videos of bridges, skydiving, planes taking off and landing with no fear at all. Megan is quite amazing at her craft and I highly recommend seeing her!

Leo Carter, UK – After 14 years of biting my nails, I can finally say I have left my biggest addiction behind me. I don’t have any ‘before’ pictures because my nails were in such a bad state, that I was too embarrassed to have them photographed. Suffice to say that they were often bitten to the point of bleeding. Having tried all sorts of things to try and stop my bad habit, such as dipping my nails in bitter liquids, nothing worked. I decided that perhaps hypnotherapy was worth a shot. I went in with an open mind and the results speak for themselves. My nails are looking stronger and healthier day by day and I have used nail clippers to cut them for the first time since I was a child. Megan is a brilliant hypnotherapist. She is a kind and warm person who genuinely cares about her patients. She is clearly very experienced and it is obvious that she loves to help people. As I live in the UK, there was a big time zone difference between Megan and I, but she was easily able to accommodate my sessions despite this. No matter where you are in the world, Megan will be able to help you! The sessions took place over the phone and I only needed two in order to kick this deep-rooted habit. I didn’t know what to expect during the first session, so I was nervous, but Megan immediately put my mind at ease. I would describe hypnotherapy as something like guided meditation. It was very comforting and relaxing and the feeling was very pleasant in general. I felt like I was in a safe place and could just follow Megan’s soothing voice to leave my old nail-biting self behind. The first session immediately massively reduced my desire to bite my nails and the second session cemented this fully. I haven’t bitten them since. So, I would like to say a huge thank you to Megan! I didn’t expect my problem to be sorted out so quickly, but I genuinely feel like if this can work for me then it can work for anyone. My only advice is you must go into it with an open mind and believe in yourself. Megan will help you with the rest.

Leo’s nails BEFORE Hypnosis
Leo’s nails AFTER Hypnosis

Kimberly Parks – Megan is a God sent. She has helped me subconsciously change my way of eating. I can whole heartedly contest that she knows what she’s doing. I have done all my sessions over the phone. I will recommend Megan to anyone struggling to win themselves back for what ever reason. My future will be healthier and happier because I chose to make the call. There is nothing like waiting for something right in front of you.

Hoarding disorder by Linda W, Virginia Beach VA – Megan is an excellent hypnotherapist. I came to her with binge eating, hoarding and depression. Everything is improving as I work through issues in my past that have resulted in my problems. Beach hypnotherapy is the best! Here are my pictures before and after therapy with Megan.

Before Hypnosis with Megan
After Hypnosis with Megan

Depression/Survivor’s guilt/Grief/Weight loss/Memory improvement by Daisy G, from Hampton
Hi Megan, I am so glad we were brought together. You are the best. Thank you for helping me, making me smile again and being so understanding and compassionate. Thank you for taking me on, along with all my issues. I am so glad that I found you and that you did not give up on me.

Thanks to you I started to date again 3 years after my husband’s tragic death. I also enrolled in college, getting 100 on all my tests and I have lost 27 lbs so far. I could not have done all that without you. I feel empowered. I feel great for the first time in 3 years. I am so excited that things are falling into place. You really are the best.

Depression by Mary T, from Norfolk, Virginia – Hi Megan, things definitely turned around big time. No more tears and I feel like I am on top of the mountain. Hypnosis is a wonderful thing and so are you! Thank you for helping me climb that mountain!

Stop Smoking by Dilek C, From Bodrum, Turkey –
I was a smoker over 41 years. I have tried everything to stop smoking but nothing worked. Then I found Megan online. I wasn’t sure if sessions over the phone would work, but I was so desperate to quit smoking that I was willing to try anything. Since Megan had excellent reviews I have decided to take my changes. I am very glad that I did. Megan helped me become a nonsmoker after only one session over the phone. She sure is a life saver.
She helped me climb that mountain : -)

Alcohol Abuse by Sandy P, from Newport News, Virginia
Your profession?  Legal field.
How long have you been an alcohol abuser?  20+ years
How much and how often did you drink alcohol?  I drank everyday.  Weekdays would be 3-4 drinks an evening, weekends might be double that.

How did this bad habit affect your life?  Low productivity at work, lack of energy, my recollection of social events and gatherings would be fuzzy, I’d embarrass myself when I had way too much, and it made me concerned for my long term health.

What have you tried to stop?  I tried self-moderation, self-help books, moderation websites, and briefly Naltrexone.

Would you recommend Megan and why?  I was engaged and planning my dream wedding.  The one thing that hung over my head was knowing I would be around alcohol during showers, the bachelorette party, and most importantly, the wedding and reception.  I was so afraid I would not be able to control my drinking and would have too much.  I was worried that on the most important day of my life, I would either not remember everything, or worse, embarrass myself in front of all of my friends and family.  I wanted to be in control and be present during every event.  I wanted to remember every detail, and be engaging with my guests.  I wanted to dance and take in every moment.  And thanks to Megan, I did.  I felt empowered and in control, and I had the best day ever!

Kushena Woods – Megan is an amazing person. She truly cares about her clients, their progress, and results. It was truly a pleasure working with her. I’m so grateful to her for helping my mother. Thank you a million times.

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