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Beach Hypnosis ….  Did someone you love pass away? Are you in a lot of pain?

Hypnotherapy can help you cope with grief. We seem to encounter grief most painfully when someone close to us dies. Grief affects us both emotionally and physically. In the beginning, grief may be so intense that we’re almost in shock. We feel numb and zombie-like. Later, grief can cause us to be depressed, irritable, and so sensitive that we feel like we’re “going crazy.”

All these experiences are normal.

In the case of death, if the deceased person was very close to us emotionally, and especially if the death was unexpected, the grieving process tends to take a long time. For example, it is normal for parents to take one to two-and-a-half years to recover from the death of a child. Other traumatic events can cause a grief reaction that lasts from several days to many months, depending upon the nature of the event and the emotional constitution of the individual.

It is not possible to pressure someone to stop grieving any more than we can force a wound to heal. This is frustrating since we want friends who have experienced a loss to stop grieving quickly because we see how much they are suffering. But unfortunately, all out well-intended efforts to “help” our friends stop mourning only tends to make them feel guilty about being unable to stop.

The best way we can help our grieving friends is to be available to them as empathetic listeners. Perhaps the most important method for releasing grief is by talking about the reasons for their sadness. We should encourage people who are mourning to talk about the deceased, the experiences they shared, the day of the death, how death occurred, etc.

Another important way for grieving people to release energy is by crying. When crying occurs, it is NOT helpful to say, “There now, don’t cry… everything’s going to be okay.” It is usually better to wait, listen, and let the tears come out. After energy has been released in this way – when the crying stops – grieving persons should be comforted and they should be assured that we are concerned about them.

With the death of someone who was close, grief tends to be very intense and it can cause symptoms like depression, inability to concentrate, memory lapses, withdrawal, etc.

People experiencing such extensive grief frequently will have the feeling that they are “going crazy.” For example, they might go to the deceased person’s room to wake him weeks after he has died. The grieving person often fears that these symptoms will never cease, that they will never be “sane” again. The truth is that very few grieving persons ever “go crazy” and rarely require psychiatric treatment. What they are experiencing is quite normal and they will get better with the passage of time.

Hypnotherapy can give time a helping hand!

Important Note: If you know anyone that is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)


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