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Beach Hypnosis…

Anyone of average or above average intelligence can be hypnotized as long as their mind is not impaired by alcohol, drugs, or disease (at the time of the hypnosis). If you’re able to read and understand this sentence, you can be hypnotized – if you want to.

Have you ever:

Yawned when you saw someone else yawn?

Seen a commercial that said ‘ask your doctor about,’ and you did?

Gotten so involved with something at work or at play that you lost track of time?

Read a book and it seemed to become so real to you that you felt like you were living it?

Eating while watching television and kept eating even though you weren’t hungry any more?

Watched a movie, TV show, sporting event, etc. and gotten so involved in it that it seemed like things around you sort of faded away?

Were driving and got so involved in a daydream or conversation with yourself that you missed your exit

Noticed that music affected you; calmed you down, caused you to ‘go back in time’ remembering someone, inspired, felt moved, cheered up, felt more energetic?

Smelled something, maybe walking by a restaurant, or a scent – like perfume / cologne – that reminded you of someone, took you back in time?

Watched a scary or action movie and jumped when a monster / shark / explosion, etc. happened on screen

Had someone talk about a juicy and sour lemon with the juice so sour that just talking about it or maybe even right now reading about it caused your mouth to pucker?

If you’ve ever experienced any of those things, or something similar, then yes, you can be hypnotized!