Lose weight with Beach Hypnosis

Beach Hypnosis…

Hypnotherapy is very different than traditional talk therapy. Talk therapists that are also known as “counselors” “therapists” and “psychologists” work with the conscious mind and the hypnotherapists work with the subconscious mind. They try fixing the problem on the surface, we go straight to the root of the problem that is buried deep in subconscious mind, which is a much more effective therapy.

Psychiatrists prescribe medications to their patients which most people don’t like taking. They do not like being drugged up for the rest of their lives. Many parents report that drugs make their children violent and depressed.

Also it can take years of therapy and countless visits with a traditional talk therapist before getting any positive results.

Hypnotherapy is NOT magic and hypnotherapists don’t have a magic wand to fix all your problems with one visit. Even though hypnotherapy doesn’t take years to be effective like the other forms of talk therapy, depending on the number and the nature of the issues, it may take 3 to 9 sessions. Most children require at least 9 sessions.

Results may vary for each person. If a client doesn’t respond to the given suggestions after the first session, it means either they weren’t relaxed enough, or they weren’t really ready to quit smoking or lose weight, or they may have a subconscious mental block that may be caused by past traumas.

Most emotional issues such as; depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, bulimia, weight gain, anorexia, nail biting, insomnia, and trichotillomania have root causes. We don’t know what our subconscious has repressed. Each person has different issues, past traumas, and mental blocks to be removed. Clients are not usually consciously aware of that trauma.

I highly suggest that if you have more than one issue you should get treatment for all at once. Because emotional issues, bad habits and addictions are always linked together, trigger each other and usually have the same root cause. Not getting them fixed would be like putting gas in your car but not putting in any oil or changing an old tire that is also essential for a proper performance.

You may need the following in order to improve the quality of life for yourself and start a new chapter in your life. An experienced and well trained hypnotherapist finds the root cause of the problem and helps you:

Regress to find the root cause of the problem
Deal with your inner conflicts using a “Parts Therapy” approach
Let go of anger, hate, emotional baggage, negative feelings
Forgive everyone who hurt you or did you injustice
Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have done as a human being
Get over your fears and phobias
Remove blocks that has been preventing you from having a happy life
Increase your confidence, motivation and self-control
Erase bad memories
Replace bad memories with positive suggestions by reformatting your subconscious mind

Each of the issues above need separate sessions.