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What if hypnotherapy doesn’t work for me, can I get a refund?

Do you get a refund from your attorney when you lose your case?
Do you get a refund from your psychologist if you are still depressed after visits?
Do you get a refund from your doctor if your medical condition still exists after a visit?

Why do I have to pay all that money upfront if I don’t know that it will work or not?

The Hypnotherapy process includes a serious of treatments such as regression, parts therapy and the removal of any mental blocks. Therefore it is very important to be persistent, patient and complete the program.

When hypnotherapist make a payment plan or charge per session, 99% of the time client never finishes the program. They think that they can do it themselves after one session, but they can’t. So they end up not achieving their goal. However, if the fee is collected in full, upfront, 99% of time clients continue the therapy and they are more committed because they want to get their money worth.

Hypnotherapists don’t have a magic wand to fix all your issues in one or two sessions. The number of the sessions depend on the dept and the nature of the issue. For instance, some people quit smoking after the first session and some people after 4 sessions.

Your success in hypnosis depends on your willingness, desire, commitment, motivation and readiness to make changes in your life.

The success in hypnosis is a joint effort between the client and the hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapists can only assist you with achieving your goals, making the process easier. Therefore hypnotherapists are also called the ‘mind coaches.’

Ok, got it, but when I go see my doctor or psychologist I only pay $20.00 co-pay. It’s not as expensive as the hypnotherapy fees.

You only pay $20.00 co-pay? Have you ever calculated how much you have paid for insurance so far?

Most likely you have tried all your other options to fix your issues before seeking help from hypnotherapists. Now he/she has the burden of fixing a problem that no one else could. Therefore he/she deserves every penny you pay for helping you improve your physical and mental help and live a healthier and happier life.