Beach Hypnosis…

They are EQUALLY effective!
As a matter of fact, the virtual phone sessions can be more effective for the following reasons:

Virtual phone sessions is convenient for you since it’s done in the comfort of your own home.
You will be more relaxed, especially if you are dealing with an embarrassing issue.
You have more privacy in your own home.
If you have a hearing problem you will be able to hear better with the ear buds.
You don’t have to get all dressed up.
You don’t have to fight the traffic. This is especially convenient for the anxiety clients.
It saves you tons of traveling time.
It is also an excellent option for slowing the spread of illness during the COVID-19 pandemic or in the flu and cold season.
Users of virtual phone sessions report high satisfaction with their treatment.

How does it work?
You lie down in your bed and put your ear buds on. It’s that simple!

What will happen if I’m hypnotized and we get disconnected?
I would call you right back and you would be able to answer the phone and continue from where you left off. Or you’d come out of the trance state naturally.