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No! When hypnosis is used on stage for entertainment purposes, it may appear as the people on stage are being controlled, but the reality is that they are just very relaxed and aware of exactly what they are doing.

Nothing happens without your consent. Your subconscious mind will not accept a suggestion that is not safe for you, or that you don’t want. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the session you would either reject the suggestion or come out of the hypnotic state by simply opening your eyes.

You will not tell any secrets

You will not say anything private

You will not bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken

You will not do anything that you do not think is acceptable

You cannot be hypnotized to do something you don’t want to do

You cannot be influenced to do anything against your will or nature

You cannot be hypnotized to do something against your morals or ethics

You cannot be made to violate your own values or accepted patterns of behavior

You cannot be made to do anything in hypnosis that you wouldn’t do in a regular state of awareness


You will be aware of what’s happening

You will be in control all the time

You do not go ‘out’ or ‘under’

You are not unconscious

You will be in an alternative state of consciousness with a very narrow focus of attention. Hypnosis is a peaceful state of stillness. You will hear everything that is being said. Most people remember everything the therapist says during the session.

Hypnosis is simply responding to suggestion, and no one can hypnotize you to do something you don’t want to do.

Remember, that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, it works only if you agree to let it happen. Nothing happens without your consent!